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Work Permits to Israel – How Long Does It Take

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

This article addresses how long it takes for foreign expert workers to obtain B1 work permits to Israel.

Work permits to Israel

Timeline to Obtain Work Permits to Israel

There are various timelines to obtain an Israel work permit for foreign expert workers.  It can range from six days to six months depending on the type of process one is seeking.  Here is a summary of information we discuss at length in other articles on our site with the relevant links to sources for more information.

Expedited process: The shortest process is the expedited process which can be approved in six days.  We provide more information on the expedited process on our website.

Normal process: The normal process takes 45 days, but in our experience, we recommend allocating two to three months to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  If all the paperwork is submitted correctly and on time, following expert advice and procedure such as we discuss in our tips to a successful process, it can take less time.  

Extension process: There are many cases where a company wishes to extend the work permit to Israel.  The B1 visa that accompanies the permit is generally valid for one year at a time (except in cases such as the short term 90 day visa), and requests for extensions can be submitted on an annual basis.  At the same time, extensions are not easily obtained beyond five years. However, as we have discussed in other articles on B1 visa extensions, there are some cases where extensions are given beyond five years.  In the case of visa extensions, one must apply six months in advance.

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If you have any questions about work permits to Israel or anything else related to permits and visas, feel free to contact us.  The procedures established by the Israeli Ministry of Interior can be complicated, and we wish to make things as simple as possible.  Our law office specializes in immigration law, and we help numerous individuals and companies with all their visa needs.

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