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Who Has to Pay Arnona


Michael Decker

This article addresses who has to pay arnona and the importance of making sure that the property’s arnona account is registered in the name of the person who has to pay arnona. Arnona is a municipal property tax.

who has to pay arnona

Who Has to Pay Arnona

The person responsible for paying the arnona property tax on a particular piece of property is the person who is closest to it.  In some cases this is the owner, but if a property has a renter, many times the renter is required to pay the arnona. In return for paying arnona, many public services are provided to that particular area.  Thus the person who is closest to the property is the one who enjoys the services and should pay for them. Additionally, there are numerous discounts available, and if the renter is eligible for the discount, they can pay much less than an owner who is not eligible for a discount.  

Transferring the Arnona Account

If you sell a home, or if you are a renter who is moving to another property, it is essential to transfer the arnona account to whomever will live in or be in charge of the property (the owner or new renters).  The owner can fill out a form for the municipal or local authority informing them that there is a change in residence or ownership. For more information on the topic in English, see, for example, the Jerusalem municipality’s instructions on changing a property’s ownership.  

This Series of Articles

The law offices of Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh specialize in property law, which covers all issues related to arnona payments. Arnona-related issues fall under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior (Misrad HaPanim) and the local authority (or municipality) in which a property stands. We have put together a short series of articles related to arnona for the benefit of our clients and other interested parties.  Other articles in the series address what is arnona and who gets discounts, among other topics.

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who has to pay arnona

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