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Obtaining a Ukrainian Police Clearance Certificate and Notary translation

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How do you obtain a Ukrainian Police Clearance Certificate (PCC, or Good Conduct Certificate), and how do you get it translated into the required language? Our law firm specializes in immigration and entry into Israel. We realize that one of the main European countries whose immigrants to Israel are required to present a criminal record certificate is Ukraine. This has especially been true over the past few years of security uncertainty in parts of Ukraine due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

This has brought to an increase in Jewish immigration to Israel (Aliyah) under the Law of Return. Jews who, for years, had been considering to make Aliyah, are now coming to Israel. Many Ukrainians who are not eligible to come under the Law of Return are also interested in coming to Israel, as foreign workers. This is understandable, since Israel is a Western state with a large population of Russian-speakers. In any case, to enter, immigrate, or make Aliyah to Israel, a Ukrainian PCC is required. A PCC is a certificate that attests to its holder’s criminal history or lack thereof. Requiring this criminal records check prevents the entry to Israel of individuals who view Israel as a place of refuge for criminals from around the world who may pose a danger to public safety.

Ukrainian police clearance certificate

Why Would You Need a Ukrainian Criminal Record?

A criminal records check is needed not only when making Aliyah or entering Israel, but also when moving from one European country to another and acclimating there or moving to the USA. A police clearance check is also required from Israeli citizens who have been raised in a foreign country or have resided there for a long period of time, depending on the case.

When requesting a police criminal information certificate, be aware that the information included on the certificate may have significant consequences for foreign-citizenship approval and stay permits, as well as for various benefits such as work permits, permits to rent an apartment, and acceptance to jobs and academic institutions.

How Do You Submit a Request for a Ukrainian Police Certificate?

You may request your police records from the Ukrainian consulate in Israel or directly from the relevant authorities in Ukraine, in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the Ukrainian government.

Furthermore, the request procedure is different in every country, with some countries requiring notarial authentication, others requiring apostilization, and each country having their own regulations concerning the fee amount, the number of document copies that must be submitted, etc.

In some countries, a crime of moral turpitude (CMT) that was performed by a 12-year-old individual will be included in the criminal record, whereas in other countries, offences performed at this age are not recorded. Also, the type of criminal offences that are considered CMTs is not uniform, and is sometimes subject to the discretion of the court. Offenses may also have a statute of limitations, be cleared on request, etc.

Our law firm has lawyers of Ukrainian descent who are familiar with all of the various regulations and laws in Ukraine and know how to work with the consulate. Therefore, we are equipped with the knowledge to provide our clients with the best service possible, and we ensure that the client’s PCC will protect their rights.

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Our law and notary firm assists clients in obtaining PCCs from various countries and translating them into Hebrew, English, or any other required language. Call us or send us an email message to get a quote for obtaining a PCC from Ukraine or any other country.

Ukrainian police clearance certificate

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