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Translation of marriage certificate

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

An Israeli marriage certificate is an official certificate from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel that indicates the status of a couple as married. Non-Jewish spouses who belong to a recognized religious community will receive a marriage certificate issued by the Muslim, Christian or other religious community. Translation of a marriage certificate is required in order to recognize the couple’s in another country. The notarized translation must be submitted according to the bureaucratic requirements of the foreign country, with the translated marriage certificate serving as official proof of the couple’s marital status.

Translation of marriage certificate

Translation of the marriage certificate is required in cases such as:

  • Immigration: The marriage certificate must be translated into the language of the country to which the couple wishes to immigrate (and also in case of a single person immigrating).
  • Work permit and / or receipt of a visa for spouses of foreign expert workers.
  • Obtaining a European passport: If the couple possesses a European passport and wishes their children to receive this passport as well, they must provide a translated marriage certificate. In this case the birth certificate of the children must also be translated.
  • Prolonged stay in a foreign country.
  • Translation of a marriage certificate issued abroad: In case a couple got married abroad and received a marriage certificate in a foreign language with an apostille, the certificate must be translated into Hebrew. If one of the spouses is a foreign citizen who intends to obtain legal status in Israel on the basis of the marriage, there is a need to translate the certificate to begin the procedure.
  • In case one spouse is entitled to perform Aliyah under the Law of Return. In order to receive immigrant status under the Law of Return for the other spouse, the marriage certificate must be translated into Hebrew. The apostille stamp on the foreign marriage certificate must also be translated.
  • Also, there are many foreign countries that do not treat married couple in the same way as a couple who live together without marrying (“common-law marriage”) when it comes to social rights, insurance, inheritance and more. In addition, proving a marital status through a translated marriage certificate can help the couple when dealing with various institutions abroad (such as banks, tax authorities and more).

Our law firm – expеrts in the field of notarized translation

Our law firm has many years of experience in everything related to the work of translating marriage certificates and many other documents; we provide a reliable, professional, fast and accurate translation service.

Our law firm is offering clients notarized translation of various certificates in a large number of foreign languages. The translations are performed ​​by a professional team skilled in the field of translation.

After the translation of the marriage certificate into the required language, it must be approved by a certified notary who issues an apostille to the translated certificate, on the basis of notarially certified translator’s declaration.

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