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Translation of Divorce Certificate

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

There are two types of Israeli documents that testify to the end of a marriage relationship. The first is a divorce certificate and the second is a get (Jewish halachic law divorce certificate) which is also applicable under Israeli law as res judicata. In many instances, after completion of the divorce procedure, one is required to present a translation of a divorce certificate to institutions in countries in which Hebrew is not the spoken language.

A divorce certificate includes the details of both partners, and also the signature of the rabbis and the witnesses. It is important to note, that in the instance of a couple who came from different religious backgrounds and chose to terminate their relationship, the Family Court issues a verdict on the dissolution of the marriage.

Translation of Divorce Certificate

Civil Marriage in a Foreign Country

If one of the partners is divorcee, civil marriage abroad the presentation of their divorce certificate. Documents that may be required include: a translated birth certificate, a register extract and also a divorce certificate proving the personal / marital status of the holder of the certificate. The details included in the register extract with regard to personal status, are often insufficient to prove divorce. Therefore, a translated divorce certificate often acts as proof of personal status (that the spouse is free to marry again).

In the opposite instance, whereby a couple that were married in a civil marriage and decided to get divorced, the fact does not give them an exemption from the process of divorce and receiving a certificate of divorce from the Rabbinical Courts in Israel (this is of course in the instance that one of the spouses wishes to later remarry in the State of Israel). The only difference is that in certain cases, when there is a termination of a civil marriage, a divorce certificate will be sufficient, and a get will not be required to declare the partners single.

Further Instances Where a Divorce Certificate is Presented

A divorce certificate is also needed in other instances where a couple are required to prove that they are divorced; for example, when updating personal status abroad, immigration, requesting a K-1 or K-2 visa (K visas for engaged persons and partners), issuing a driver’s license abroad, filling a claim in court, all according to the circumstances of the case.

A person that was married and divorced in another country, will also be required to present a translated divorce certificate.

Translation of a divorce certificate, along with other documents like an identification document, academic certificates, etc, has a significant purpose. This purpose is to ease the process of transition from one state to another for the person needing translation. Moreover, it can assist them in accessing their rights from the state institutions to whom translated documents are being submitted.

Professional Translation of Legal Documents

Our law office provides notary translation of divorce certificates as well as other certificates and documents. These can be translated to various languages, based on our clients’ needs.

The team of translators at our law firm provide professional and reliable translation of divorce certificates, other certificates and a wide range of legal documents into the language the client requires.

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