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Translation of Death Certificates

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

At our Law Offices, translation of death certificates with a Notarized Translator Statement can be obtained in any language required. If a person passes away abroad and his certificate is in a language other than Hebrew, or alternatively if the deceased’s assets, estate, or life insurance are from a country where Hebrew is not spoken, a notarized translation of the death certificate from Hebrew or to Hebrew is required.

A death certificate is an official legal document attesting to the death of a person. In Israel, this document is issued by the Population and Immigration Authority (the issuance of the certificate is free of charge). The death certificate can be obtained from the foreign country in which the deceased passed away, with the procedures for issuing a death certificate varying from one country to another.

A notary certificate for the translation of a foreign document gives it legal validity and confirms that the translation is accurate and true to the original.

Translation of Death Certificates

What is the use of a Notarized Translated Death Certificate?

A death certificate is a crucial document in the process of receiving an inheritance. This is a critical document in the process of submitting an application for a Will Probate Order, or an application for Succession Order submitted to the court or Succession Cases Registrar. Translation of a death certificate is required for the purpose of proving linkage to the deceased person’s assets abroad, life insurance, benefits, or any other right or benefit with economic offerings belonging to the deceased and passed to the heirs, in accordance with the laws of inheritance and estate in Israel or the relevant state.

Inheritance from a relative who has passed away and lived abroad, or has assets abroad, involves the submission of a death certificate that has been translated into a notarized translation into the destination country’s language, along with additional documents, as proof of the deceased’s identity.

If a person passes away abroad and has assets in Israel, a notarized translated death certificate in Hebrew or English must also be submitted.

Attestation/ Apostille

In many countries a notary certificate is valid only with an apostille attached to it marking the notarized translation as valid.

Our Law Offices staff can help its clients acquire an apostille on documents from abroad, or (if submitting Israeli documents outside Israel) an apostille for a notarized translated document, to provide it the status of an official document abroad.

Translation of legal documents and Notary Certificates – Our Law Offices

Our Law Offices translation team specializes in providing Notary Certificates to translations of various documents in addition to quality, professional translation services for all types of documents and any language required, all at a fair price.

Contact our Law Offices to receive a quote for the translation of a death certificate and for obtaining a notary certificate for any document you have.

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