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Our law office specializes in all aspects of traffic law in Israel. The firm represents drivers convicted of various traffic offenses and assists them throughout the legal process, starting from the police investigation and up to the final judgement. We can also provide a traffic lawyer to assist drivers who have been summoned for a medical fitness test regarding their driving ability by the Medical Institute for Road Safety.

Our firm has many years of experience in the field of transportation and we handle complex transportation cases, including fatal road accidents in which drivers are charged with serious offenses such as involuntary or negligent manslaughter. We represent each client devotedly, professionally, and courteously, provide personal service, and strive to minimize the damages of the legal process as much as possible and end up with the most optimal judgment.

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Keeping Your Driver’s License

In Israel, a driver’s license is essential to leading a proper lifestyle and maintaining your quality of life. A driver’s license allows each of us to get to work, go on vacation, and get around easily and conveniently, without being dependent on other means of transportation. Traffic lawyers are responsible for helping drivers keep their license and avoid license suspension and all its consequences, which may result from a traffic offense or a fitness test at the Medical Institute for Road Safety.

A large portion of traffic offenses result in license suspension for a certain period, which may sometimes be very long. Therefore, in every case that comes to our office, we work to prevent the license suspension penalty, either by converting it to a restricted license or by significantly shortening the suspension period. Also, if you have difficulty obtaining a driver’s license, for example due to health problems, we can help you execute your right to get a license.

Legal Representation in Police Investigations

A driver who has been summoned for questioning by the police due to a possible traffic offense needs the legal assistance of a traffic lawyer who will act to end the investigation without further proceedings. Also, in the case of an indictment, the driver will receive professional legal protection and the lawyer will work to acquit the driver of the offense or reach a lenient penalty. Keep in mind that any statement made by the driver during the investigation may have a decisive impact on the result of the case. That is why it is so important for the driver to not go through this alone, but use the help of an expert traffic lawyer.

When representing a driver who is about to undergo an investigation, we listen to the driver very carefully, take down all the details about the incident, and, accordingly, direct the driver on how to respond during the police investigation. Our purpose is, first and foremost, to prevent an indictment against the driver; and, if this is not possible, to present the relevant arguments that will be likely to result in a lenient penalty.

Fatal Road Accidents

Our firm specializes in handling cases of fatal traffic accidents in which the driver may receive an indictment due to involuntary or negligent manslaughter, as well as other indictments. In either case, imprisonment is involved; therefore, legal representation is extremely important, since the driver’s freedom is at stake. It is important to make sure that you use the help of a firm that specializes in transport law and that has specific experience in representing the above-mentioned types of traffic violations.

While involuntary manslaughter may result in a penalty of up to 12 years of imprisonment, the second type of offense, namely, negligent manslaughter, may result in up to 3 years of imprisonment. Therefore, when representing the driver, we put in all our effort to prove the driver’s innocence, and, if there is evidence supporting the driver’s guilt, we work to have the driver indicted for the most lenient offense possible. In this type of case it is also sometimes possible to prevent actual imprisonment and reach a suspended sentence of imprisonment instead.

Plea Agreements in Traffic-Offense Cases

In many cases, a plea bargain is the best route for a driver charged with a traffic offense. When working with clients, we do everything we can to reach the most optimal plea bargain, depending on the circumstances of the case: the severity of the offense, past traffic violations, the age of the driver, the driver’s personal circumstances, and more.

Drivers often try to negotiate with the prosecution authorities independently. The problem is that, without legal expertise in evidence law, and without an in-depth understanding of the law-enforcement system, the driver will reach a far more modest result than a professional lawyer would. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be represented by an expert traffic lawyer and not try to deal with this complex situation alone.

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