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Arranging Israeli Legal Status Online for Spouses of Israeli Citizens

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

The digital revolution that was announced by the Israeli government finally includes the possibility of arranging the legal status of foreign spouses of Israelis online. In July 2021, the Population Authority informed the public of this new possibility, which is expected to make the process easier for a large population of couples and families that have both Israeli and foreign members. A lawyer from our firm specializing in immigration to Israel explains about the procedure, which is expected to make things easier for tens of thousands of couples.

Our law firm, which specializes in immigration to Israel, has branches in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We have extensive experience, inter alia, in arranging the legal status of foreign spouses cohabitating with Israelis, and in representing them before all administrative and legal courts.

legal status in Israel online

What Does It Mean to File an Application for Legal Status in Israel?

When mixed couples (an Israeli and a foreign citizen) want to live together in Israel, they must act to obtain legal status through the State authorities. The procedure usually begins by inviting the foreign spouse to Israel, or, if the foreign spouse is already in Israel – filing a joint-life application with the Ministry of Interior’s Population and Immigration Authority.

The actual procedure for obtaining legal status may be lengthy, and consists of several steps. It usually takes several years, depending on the type of relationship between the couple (a formal marriage or common-law marriage) and other factors. Until now, starting the procedure required physically arriving at one of the Population and Immigration Authority branches scattered throughout the country. Today, since government ministries are transitioning to digital services, it is possible to apply for legal status online.

Who Is Eligible to File an Application for legal status in Israel online?

Currently, only Israeli citizens or permanent residents who are formally or informally married to foreign nationals are eligible to arrange their spouses’ legal status (including Palestinian spouses, as part of family reunification proceedings). That is, the Israeli spouses are the ones who must submit an online application if they wish to live with their foreign spouses in Israel.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Today, applications may be filed using an online form. This is a real revolution, since, until now, it was necessary to physically arrive at one of the Population Authority’s branches and hand in the application, as mentioned above. However, photocopies of various forms and documents must be attached to the application form, depending on the type of application. The forms can be found in the section on procedure instructions (see: procedure for married couples; procedure for couples in a common-law marriage; procedure for spouses married to permanent residents).

The forms must be filled out and scanned before submitting the application. It is also important to properly fill out the application form, which will shorten the processing time. If any questions or doubts arise, it is advisable to seek the help of a lawyer who specializes in immigration to Israel. The lawyer may also, of course, file the application for you as a proxy.

Arranging the Legal Status of Spouses of Israeli Citizens – Contact an Immigration Lawyer

In conclusion, it is now possible to arrange the legal status of foreign spouses in Israel online. However, it is important to ensure that the relevant procedure is followed and that all the required documents are attached, according to the circumstances of the case. For any personal questions on the subject, you can contact the lawyers at our firm, who are very experienced in handling such requests. Our firm assists many couples in obtaining legal status in Israel, and represents them throughout all stages of the procedure until its successful completion.

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