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Israelis Purchasing Foreign Citizenship

Joshua Pex

Prima Lorenzo

I admire the Austrian citizenship team in Tel-Aviv branch! They deserve more then 5 stars!! They are very friendly and professional. I've got Austrian citizenship in 4 months for all family members which consists of 12 people! The entire team is very friendly and responsive. They are always answering questions and support during the process. I recommend to everyone. Was 100% satisfied.

This article discusses Israelis purchasing foreign citizenship as well as reasons to do so.

Reasons for Israelis to Purchase Foreign Citizenship

Israelis Purchasing Foreign Citizenship, citizenship by investment program, Israel lawyerIsraelis are interested in purchasing foreign citizenship or second citizenship for many reasons. For example, some want to diversify assets or invest money in more stable areas. Another reason people wish to purchase foreign citizenship is for privacy and personal security, and Israelis who purchase foreign citizenship prefer to do so in neutral countries that are more politically stable. Furthermore, Israelis who purchase foreign citizenship are interested in giving their children and families a certain quality of life that they can find elsewhere. It also allows the foreign citizenship holder to travel visa-free to other countries, and depending on the country, work in numerous other countries as well.  

Locations for Israelis Interested in Foreign Citizenship

We work closely with local and international partners to identify the location that suits a client’s specifications.  Different countries have different conditions, require varying financial investments, have different time tables for the length of time the entire process takes, and more. Our law offices work closely with clients to identify the best country for them to purchase foreign citizenship, generally in one of the following: Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Dominica, Greece, Grenada, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Our Law Firm

Our law firm has over 30 years of experience with helping clients on their immigration and visa needs to Israel, the UK, the US, Canada and more.  One way to speed up the process is through citizenship investment programs. Some people also refer to these programs as part of an investment migration industry.  This is becoming an attractive opportunity for people who are willing to invest a substantial amount ($250,000+) to purchase foreign citizenship.

We are committed to providing you with excellent service. We know that there is a substantial investment for Israelis purchasing foreign citizenship, and we will only work with clients when we are certain there is a good chance of obtaining citizenship in the end.  

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If you have questions about Israelis purchasing foreign citizenship, feel free to contact us. Advocate Joshua Pex or one of our other partners specializing in Israelis purchasing foreign citizenship would be happy to help.

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