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Terminating the Israeli Naturalization Process Because of Violence

Michael Decker

Stuart Safft

I am delighted to report that my wife and I have just obtained our Israeli citizenship. We will be forever grateful for all of the help, guidance and support which Ariel Galili of Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co. provided through this process.
I am a Jewish, 80-year-old American, and my wife is not Jewish. We had started the process on our own back in November 2020 via the Jewish Agency and Nefesh B’Nefesh, but soon became entangled in the delays and often-changing regulations due to Covid-19. The pandemic also caused delays in obtaining the required apostilles for various documents from various state agencies and the US State Department.
We found Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co. On the internet and began working with Ariel in late November 2021. Ariel did a superb job of leading us through the process, helping us to understand which documents were essential, which would most likely be required, and which, though included on the list of required documents, were rarely required. He helped us several times to understand what was likely and unlikely to occur as “the next step.” Helping us manage our expectations was extremely useful to us.
Besides his knowing the laws, regulations and procedures, Ariel also made us feel that he was truly interested in helping us to successfully work through this process in as smooth, timely, and frustration-free manner as possible.
My wife and I strongly recommend anyone planning to go through this process seriously consider hiring Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co. and, specifically, Ariel Galili.

This article is concerned with the termination of the naturalization process for foreign spouses of Israelis due to violence inflicted by the Israeli spouse.

In order to facilitate and expedite this process, we recommend using the services of our expert legal team from our law office. Among the members of our team you will find an expert in naturalization in Israel, a lawyer with expertise in terminating the naturalization process due to violence in the family.

Who Can Use This Service?

Foreign spouses of Israeli citizens who are undergoing a naturalization process may experience violence, and therefore the termination of the Israeli naturalization process is necessary. This procedure applies when there are reports of violence inflicted by the Israeli spouse.

When Will the Process Be Terminated?

The progressive process shall be terminated upon confirmation of reports of violence inflicted by the Israeli spouse.

How the Request Is Handled

  1. A Population Authority employee at the Israeli Ministry of Interior (called in Misrad HaPanim in Hebrew) will examine the entire file that applies to this naturalization case, and the couple shall be summoned to a hearing, which will determine the final decision. If the foreign spouse fails to attend the hearing, or in the case the decision is to terminate the progressive process, the foreign spouse’s permit shall be revoked. A written note shall be sent to both spouses via registered mail. The foreign spouse shall be required to return their Israeli identity card and leave Israel within 14 days.
  2. If the reports of violence were not confirmed, additional evidence will be requested.
  3. The foreign spouse shall be allowed to remain in Israel until the request is fully evaluated.
  4. Some cases will be referred to the interdepartmental committee for humanitarian affairs. These are the cases:
    1. The couple has children who are in the custody of the foreign spouse, the marriage was genuine and registered in the Population Registry, the foreign spouse has commenced the progressive process, there is proof of violence and a social worker has decreed the departure of the foreign spouse may significantly harm the children.
    2. Violence has been proved in one of the following manners:
      1) the spouse has spent over a month in a women’s shelter,
      2) the Israeli Police have proof of the alleged violence,
      3) a Family Court has granted a protective order to the foreign spouse,
      4) a certification was made by an official institute declaring the foreign spouse has been treated for violence inflicted by the Israeli spouse.
    3. The couple has no children, the marriage was genuine and registered in the Population Registry, the foreign spouse has received a work permit, the foreign spouse has commenced the progressive process and more than half of the progressive process’s period has already elapsed and there is proof of violence. During the hearing the committee shall evaluate the linkage of the foreign spouse to Israel and whether this linkage is stronger than their linkage to their homeland.
  5. If the violence reports do not merit a hearing by the committee, but there are humanitarian reasons justifying a hearing by the committee, the spouse is permitted to request a hearing by the committee.

The Interdepartmental Humanitarian Committee

If the committee approves granting status, a B/1 work and residence permit or an A/5 temporary residence permit shall be granted for up to two years, after which the case shall be re-evaluated.

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