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How to Apply for Enduring Power of Attorney

Anat Levi
Anat Levi

This article addresses how to apply for enduring power of attorney.  An enduring power of attorney, otherwise referred to as continuing or lasting power of attorney (yipuy coackh mitmashekh in Hebrew), is a document that allows you to indicate future personal, medical, and estate preferences in the event that you become incapable of making these decisions on your own.  This issue falls under Israeli family law, which is under the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

apply for enduring power of attorney

How to Apply for Enduring Power of Attorney

  1. In order to obtain an enduring power of attorney, you need to find a lawyer who is certified to do so.  At our law firm, we have lawyers certified in this area and who can draw up this document on your behalf.
  2. Once you have selected a lawyer, you need to go to the lawyer with the person or persons you wish to grant power of attorney in the event you become mentally unfit.  You can either grant all the power to one person or you can split the power between multiple people (multiple children, for example). You can select one person to deal with your estate, another with medical issues, and yet another with personal needs.  How you do this is at your discretion, and our lawyers can consult with you over what might be the best course of action.
  3. The lawyer submits the enduring power of attorney to the Office of the General Guardian (also referred to as the Administrator General of Israel).  After a few months’ time, this office will confirm receipt of the document.
  4. Only if and when the time comes that you become mentally unfit to make decisions on your own, a condition that needs to be signed off on by a personal physician, then the relevant parties should be contacted that their power of attorney responsibilities will go into effect soon.  
  5. The person(s) invested with power of attorney responsibilities must send an affidavit with the personal physician’s note to the Office of the General Guardian to inform them that the enduring power of attorney needs to be implemented.
  6. Once the office approves this, the enduring power of attorney goes into effect.

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This is one in a longer series of articles on legal guardianship and power of attorney.  For more information on what it means to be a legal guardian in Israel, why we recommend preparing an enduring power of attorney, and more, see our various articles on the topic.  

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