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What are the Benefits of Having a European Passport?

Jordan Levy-Bograd
Jordan Levy-Bograd

The attractions of a European passport are just too alluring to pass up. Regardless of whether you’re an American, Israeli or a citizen of another country, you may have caught the multiple citizenships bug. Our law office has found that the European passport is favored for the many meaningful advantages it guarantees.

The security advantage for Israelis

The security aspect weighs into Israelis’ decision to apply for a European passport. The realities of living in this part of the Middle East are encouraging people to consider a foreign passport. For those who’re already doing a great deal of travelling, the European Union is a natural first choice as a safe haven against security crises.

Having a European passport doesn’t oblige you to relocate your family abroad. You can still maintain your ties to Israel, and fly to Europe when circumstances demand it. It’s an option; and an excellent one at that, as discussed further.

The unrestricted travel advantage

Israel has visa exemption agreements with 117 countries, but only up to 90 days. Americans enjoy visa-free access to 186 countries, but the visa on arrival in the Schengen Zone is valid for no more than 90 days. The magic word is ‘90’ and it isn’t a long duration if you’re planning to spend considerable time away from your country of birth or residence.

Here, the benefits of having a European passport are travelling between the 28 EU members states freely with no restrictions, in addition to the right to enter 153 other countries without a visa. Travelling across Europe is easier and cheaper too, thanks in part to their extensive rail system.

For citizens of countries that face entry restrictions and the cumbersome, not to mention expensive, process of obtaining a travel visa to developed nations, the EU passport is a desirable travel document.What are the Benefits of Having a European Passport?

Working and residence rights

Non-EU citizens have a tough time getting a work visa to Europe. The path to obtaining one is drawn out and costly. Even with the required technical qualifications and experience, the chances of acquiring work sponsorship is challenging. The benefits of having a European passport are evident here too. You can work in any EU member state without the hassles of an employer-sponsored visa. In fact, you will have the edge over other job-seekers as many employers would try to avoid the complicated work permit process.

Europe is well known for its friendly labor laws. Europeans enjoy excellent work-life balance, with very few working more than 40 hours a week, and enjoying the assurance of least four weeks of paid vacation. As an example, 80% of expats in Austria report a better work-life balance after moving to this EU country. If you have Austria in your sights, we can help you acquire Austrian citizenship.

A dual passport expands your career opportunities. You may wish to set up your business or a family member may be interested in pursuing a profession that has far greater scope and opportunities in Europe. An EU passport is a path to realizing those ambitions, and you don’t have to be limited to Germany, France, Italy, Norway or Sweden. In the last 25 years, Poland has advanced to emerge as Europe’s eighth-largest economy. Its business services, and information and communications sectors have developed rapidly, along with advanced manufacturing in the aerospace and automotive sectors. According to Passport Index, the Polish passport is among the top ten most valuable travel documents in the world. Our law office makes your path to Polish citizenship smooth.What are the Benefits of Having a European Passport?

Healthcare benefits

Universal healthcare coverage is familiar to Israelis but not Americans. Most European countries have some form of universal healthcare. The diversity of national healthcare systems in the continent can be leveraged if you’re not adequately served by your birth country’s healthcare system. For example, Bulgaria’s National Health Service has well-trained doctors and nurses who deliver world-class care. We help clients acquire Bulgarian citizenship.

Other benefits of having a European passport

Global investor sentiment around Europe’s property market is largely positive. The exception is the UK, which is in the throes of a Brexit transition, although deal talks have now reached a final stage. As a European passport holder, you can purchase property here without a permit. You can have a home away from home. Property investors can expand their portfolio.

The continent offers up enough charms by way of its laidback lifestyle and the richness and diversity of its landscapes. Add to that the flexibility of free travel to all EU member states, and you can have a way to live life on your own terms.

The big question then is, how can you become a citizen of an EU member state? Buying a foreign citizenship is the fastest route, but it is best explored in partnership with an immigration lawyer. Not only do the lawyers at our office have experience helping clients acquire EU passports, but many of our employees hold EU citizenships. Don’t wait to get in touch with us to leverage our unique qualifications.

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