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B1 Visa Permit for Negotiations in Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

This article addresses a B1 permit for negotiations in Israel.  When foreigners come to Israel to consult a business, even if the business is a foreign company operating in Israel, this foreigner must have a B1 permit.  This is true whether the person is coming to give a lecture, consult, make repairs to equipment or conduct negotiations.

Consequences for Lacking Proper Permits and Visas

B1 Permit for NegotiationsThere have been cases where foreigners have come to the country without proper permits, generally receiving a B2 tourist visa even though they intend to work.  This can have serious consequences, not only for the worker but also for the company they are coming to work for. The foreign workers can be detained at the border upon entry and deported, banning their subsequent entry to Israel for 10 years.  Additionally, the company can be fined for having illegal employees. Any foreigners seeking to work in Israel must go through the appropriate process as specified by the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

B1 Permit for Negotiations (or Other Work in Israel)

Foreigners coming to Israel for negotiations or other work-related activities may not enter Israel as tourists, even if their country has a visa-waiver policy with Israel.  They must enter Israel with a B1 work visa. Failure to enter with the proper visa might result in serious consequences for the worker or company.  That said, there are a number of steps one can take to obtain the necessary visas. This includes an expedited process or other short or long term visa options.  Short term work visas can be expedited (and obtained within six days), and the worker can come to the country without the visa in hand so long as they have completed a successful application process, and the worker can get the visa shortly after their arrival.

In the event that a foreigner comes to Israel for the purpose of negotiations, it is possible to come in on a B2 tourist visa, so long as the Israeli company does not issue any payment for the work. In the case of foreign journalists, there are special exemptions as they can come into Israel for up to 3 months on a tourist visa.

For more information on the B1 expert visa and work permits, see the numerous articles on the topic in our immigration and corporate law categories on our website.

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