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Work permit in Israel for Indian Diamond Experts

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

The work permit in Israel for Indian Diamond Experts is based on a Ministry of Interior procedure meant to bring skilled workers in the field of diamonds to Israel.

Diamantaires who come to Israel via this visa can work and live in Israel indefinitely;

Renewing their visa once every three years.

Managers or trustees in the diamond industry can bring their wives and children to live in Israel together with them.

This procedure is part of the Israeli government’s efforts to improve economic and diplomatic ties with India. Another example of these efforts is the Israeli visa for Indian Businessmen.

How does an ordinary diamantaire receive a work visa to Israel?

Work permit in Israel for Indian Diamond ExpertsThe employment of a foreign diamond expert in Israel is subject to the procedures for hiring a foreign expert, with a number of important differences. Only a company licensed under the Diamonds Law, Import and Export, 1979, may employ foreign diamantaires. In addition to submitting an application for the employment of a foreign expert, the company must also receive a recommendation from the Diamond Controller at the Ministry of Economy.

A dimantaire’s visa is valid for up to two years, and can be extended for only one year at a time.

Why are there special conditions for obtaining a work permit in Israel for Indian Diamond Experts?

The policy of the Israeli government is to strengthen economic ties between Israel and India. The Ministry of the Interior allows Indian citizens to
– visit Israel.
– acquire work visas in certain professions.
– receive a multi-entry visa to Israel for business purposes.

The choice of better visa terms specifically for diamantaires is not random. There are a large number of Israeli diamond companies owned or managed by Indian citizens. Many of them have been in Israel for decades, contributing to Israel’s economy. The demand to extend their visa every year interferes with their daily life and their business dealings. The fact that a diamantaire cannot present a document that clearly proves that he will have the right to stay in Israel for more than a year, limits the possibilities of receiving a long-term driver’s license, managing a bank account and savings plan, and receiving all the permits and documents required to live and work in Israel.

How do I get a Work permit in Israel for Indian Diamond Experts?

An Israeli work visa for an Indian jeweler is limited only to;

– Indian nationals who are active managers;
– Who are owners of at least 25% of the shares in the employing company (which, as noted above, must be an Israeli company licensed to employ diamantaires);

In addition to providing the other required documents, in order to obtain an expert foreign worker visa, the diamantaire and his family must present;
– a copy of a foreign passport, valid for at least 18 months.
– a certificate of integrity.
– a medical certificate.

The visa is valid for 36 months. The diamantaire receives a B/1 visa, a work permit for a “diamond expert”. The diamantaire’s family members (spouse and children) receive a B/2 visa, which is a residence permit but not a work permit. If the spouse stays in India and the children come to Israel, the written consent of the spouse in India is required.

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