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Visas for Performing Artists in Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Israel is one of the more popular and exciting Middle East countries for performing artists to come and perform in. The Israeli public is aware of the international cultural world outside of Israel and attends performances of foreign artists. However, in order to allow artists to use the country’s halls, arenas and stadiums, visitation permits, and visas must be acquired. At our Israeli immigration Law Office, our specialist lawyers are at hand to help ensure a Work Visa is gained, and that performers enjoy an easy visit in and out on of Israel.

What is an Israeli performing artist work visa?

Work visas are needed for any foreign nationals to legally work in Israel. Anyone who performs in Israel for more than a month is considered a worker. Consequently a B-1 Entry and work Visa will need to be acquired. If the performance or event means that the artist will be working for over a month, an Employment permit must be issued. This special visa for a performing artist is given also to groups of artists. When the group consists of more than 10 performers, an additional document must be submitted, with a list of all the artists. In any case, according to the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority, a work visa can’t be extend past one year at any given time.

Application for the visa and documents required:

Within the application, the performers should include the following information: A letter from your employer explaining how long you will be in Israel for; Information regarding the artists reputation; information regarding the Israeli employer’s reputation; recommendations from the Ministry of Education or culture; documentation of the project or event the artist is involved in. It may also be that the commissioner asks for the opinion of the Israel Union of Performing Artists.Performing Artists

If the event manager is organizing the visas for performing artists, it should be noted that each artist must have a separate application. Furthermore, if the artists are performing for longer than a month, they should also apply for an Employment permit.

How to apply?

The appropriate visa application should then be submitted to the local Israeli Population and Immigration Authority office. A fee will also be required.

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