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UAE Israel Lawyer

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article provides tips on how to choose a UAE Israel lawyer. Israel has some of the most lawyers per capita, and in Israel, lawyers are free to practice any field of law. This can make it hard for people to know which is the best lawyer for them and their case.

Tips to Choose a UAE Israel Lawyer

UAE Israel LawyerBased on our experience working with United Arab Emirates’ clients so far, there are two primary legal fields people are seeking legal assistance in: immigration (visas) and corporate law. In both cases, these tips will be helpful if you are a UAE citizen seeking legal assistance from an Israel lawyer. The Israeli Ministry of Interior oversees all aspects of immigration to Israel.

  • Experience – Make sure that your lawyer has legal experience and a proven track record of success in the field you are soliciting their services. Ask how long they have been working in that field, whether they worked with foreign clients on visas or corporate law, and have other relevant experience.
  • Language – Make sure your lawyer speaks a language that you are comfortable speaking as well. Particularly when working on legal matters, which can often be complex, it is important that you understand the different procedures and documents you will be signing. Having a lawyer who is comfortable working in English or Arabic could be very important to simplify this process for you. Our law firm provides services in English and Arabic, among other languages, for the benefit of our local and international clients.
  • Availability – There are two important aspects of availability, especially when a foreign client seeks to hire an Israeli lawyer. First, ask if they have time to take on your case or if it will be delayed due to other legal commitments the lawyer already has. Make sure that you and the lawyer align expectations regarding the time frame for your case to be addressed. Second, it is important to make sure that your lawyer can be accessible to you for phone or video calls during times that are convenient for you.  
  • Costs – It is also important to discuss costs upfront to align expectations and prevent any surprises later in the process.

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Contact Us If You Seek a UAE Israel Lawyer

Our law offices specialize in numerous legal fields, including immigration and corporate law. There is often some overlap for corporations specifically, as they not only wish to set up a business or conduct negotiations in Israel but also to obtain investor or expert worker visas as well. We have over 30 years of experience in immigration law, and we have helped many local and foreign companies with their corporate needs.  

Please contact us, and we will match you with the appropriate lawyer specializing in the legal field that you seek.

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