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UAE Investor Visa to Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

This article will provide information that you need to know if you seek a UAE investor visa to Israel.  All issues surrounding visas to Israel are regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Interior.  

About the UAE Investor Visa to Israel

UAE Investor Visa to IsraelA United Arab Emirates investor visa to Israel will most likely be similar to those used by most other countries, the B/1 visa.  At the time that we are writing this, Israel and the UAE are establishing relations, and if there is another visa category that will apply, we will update this article.

A B/1 visa is useful for business people who wish to come to Israel to attend a conference, business meeting, sign a contract, engage in negotiations, or other business or investment-related activity.  It is also possible to obtain an expedited business visa for a foreign expert worker if Israel establishes a visa agreement with the UAE, and we discuss this issue at length in our article on the expedited procedure

If Israel and the UAE do not establish a visa agreement, it is still possible to bring a UAE investor to Israel, but they will first need to arrange for a B/2 tourist visa and likely set up a bank guarantee prior to the visit. 

Obtaining a UAE Investor Visa to Israel

Obtaining a B/1 visa will allow for someone to come to Israel from the UAE for the sake of work, allowing them temporary employment in Israel as well.  This visa can be granted to a foreign expert or simply a foreign worker.  Generally, unless following the expedited procedure, this process takes a few months.  

When an Israeli company seeks to bring a foreign expert from the UAE to Israel, they must first submit paperwork to the Expert Workers Department in order to be issued a work visa permit.  Once this occurs, the Ministry of Interior has the chance to approve or deny the permit.  If it is approved, then a B/1 visa will be issued to the UAE worker, who can then receive the visa at an Israeli embassy or consulate abroad.  A B/1 visa can be renewed annually for up to five years, although it is possible to gain an extension if needed.  

For more information on the B/1 visa process, see our article detailing the information about this.

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