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Timeline for Restitution of Assets in Israel

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article provides a timeline for restitution of assets in Israel, specifically, for assets whose owners were victims in the Holocaust.  The Israeli Ministry of Justice has jurisdiction over all issues pertaining to restitution in Israel.

Timeline for Restitution of Assets in Israel

Eligibility for Restitution of Assets in Israel

In order to apply for restitution of assets, you first need to establish your eligibility.  Sometimes, clients come to us with probable eligibility, and after looking into this further, we find that this is verified.  Other times, when eligibility cannot be proven, it is not possible to proceed further.  

Filing an Application for Restitution of Assets

If you have probable links to a Holocaust victim who has assets in Israel, and you would like to apply for restitution, you must do so by filing one application per asset.  There are numerous types of assets, including money, art, a home, a building, or a plot of land, among others.  The application is the first step in the process, and as your file is received, you will be asked to verify the information and demonstrate proof of relationship or inheritance.

Timeline for Restitution of Assets in Israel

The timeline is lengthy and includes opportunities to appeal decisions.  Once your application is received, you should receive a receipt of the application within a few months.  Once your application is opened, you will be contacted and then need to provide further proof, as the application only provides cursory information.  It can take from six months and up to two years for the information-gathering process.  Once this is complete, the application can be processed. 

There are a few decisions that can be rendered: a negative response, a restitution decision, or a partial decision regarding the restitution of assets.  In some cases, the application can be closed due to other reasons.  You have the right to appeal a negative response or decision within 45 days. 

If your appeal is accepted following a restitution decision, then the asset will be released to you.  If you appeal a partial decision, it can take another six months to two years for a succession order to be issued, which will lead to a quick restitution decision and the release of the asset. [1]

A Tip to Speed Up the Process

When applying, the age of the applicant is taken into consideration, thus it is recommended that the oldest heir in the family file the application.  

This Series of Articles

This article is one in a series on the restitution of assets.  If you are interested, see our other topics on submitting an application, Israeli law on Holocaust victims’ assets, succession orders for restitution of assets, how to choose a Holocaust restitution lawyer, and more. 

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[1] Hashava, the Holocaust Restitution Company of Israel, which ceased its activities in 2017, provides a graph detailing this process.

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