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Succession Order for Restitution of Assets

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article will discuss the issuance of a succession order for restitution of assets for heirs of Holocaust victims.

Succession Order for Restitution of Assets

Obtaining Restitution of a Holocaust Victim’s Assets

In order to obtain restitution for assets, you first need to prove that you are an heir of the Holocaust victim who has assets in Israel.  While we have other articles explaining how one applies for restitution, and how long the process takes, once it has been established that you are eligible to receive the asset, in the event the asset’s value is over 200,000 NIS, you will need to provide a succession order to release the asset.

Steps to Obtain a Succession Order for Restitution of Assets

The first step is to apply for a declaration of death (if you do not have a death certificate).  A declaration of death shows that the owner died during the Holocaust.  This must be applied for through the Appeals Committee of the Ministry of Justice.  Four applications must be submitted to the Appeals Committee along with an affidavit that is signed in front of an attorney, along with the other documents for the application process.  

The second step is to apply for a succession order.  In order to do so, one must apply through the Inheritance Registrar. The application will request information about the benefactor, the place the benefactor lived, the date and place of death, the representing lawyer, and more.  This application must be submitted in Hebrew.  

This Series of Articles

This article on obtaining a succession order for restitution of assets is one in a longer series.  The series also explains more about Israeli law on restitution, how to choose a restitution lawyer, and more. 

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