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Short Term Foreign Expert Visa to Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Do you need to urgently bring a foreign worker to Israel?

A short term foreign expert visa to Israel can be obtained more easily than a regular work visa. The Ministry of the Interior has a procedure which allows a foreign expert who specializes in a unique field to enter Israel for a short period. The “Procedure for expedited handling of applications for the employment of a foreign expert, who is a national of a country for which there an exemption from a visitor’s permit, and who is invited to Israel for a period of up to 45 days (per year)”.

In this article, Attorney Joshua Pex from our law firm will explain the procedure and how to obtain a short term visa in an expedited manner.

Purpose of the short term foreign expert visa procedure

Short term foreign expert visa to IsraelThis procedure formulates an expedited experimental procedure for regulating the employment of a foreign expert. The foreign worker is invited to Israel for the purpose of performing a temporary task in their area of ​​expertise.

This visa is limited to a period or periods that do not exceed 45 days per year. Employing a foreign expert requires obtaining a work visa and arranging a residence permit.

Short term foreign expert visa – General information

As part of this procedure, a foreign expert whose employment permit was issued prior to their arrival in Israel is allowed to enter Israel without a work visa and to obtain their work permit at the Israeli Immigration Authority’s office within two working days after arrival in Israel.

A foreign national employed in accordance with this procedure may stay and work in Israel. Said expert is required to work only for the employer to whom the short term foreign expert visa was issued, only in the field specified in the visa and only during the period in which the work permit is valid.

The foreign expert is not entitled to perform any other type of work or work for another person. Nor are they allowed to work in another industry.

The period of employment or the validity of work permit granted under this procedure shall not be extended beyond the 45-day period prescribed in the procedure. If any application for further employment is submitted, the foreign expert must leave Israel before said work permit becomes valid.

Conditions for obtaining a short term foreign expert work permit

The foreign expert’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months *after* the end of the employment period.
The expert is invited to work in Israel for a short period, which cannot exceed 45 days.
The foreign expert cannot stay in Israel continuously or cumulatively for more than 45 days in a calendar year.
The labor of the foreign expert is required for carrying out a temporary task, such as consulting, supervising, repairing equipment supplied by the company employing the foreign expert, lectures, training or other transitory and temporary tasks requiring the special expertise or skill of the foreign expert.

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