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Point Penalty System for Traffic Offenses

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The method of using a point system to track dangerous or careless drivers based on the Road Transport Law [New Version] and Transportation Regulations, 1961, is an educational tool for the driver’s themselves to correct their own mistakes, since driving without due attention and without considering road conditions and road signs may cause undesirable results.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transport keeps a driving record in which points are recorded for each citizen who has a driver’s license.

The lawyers at our law firm specialize in transport law, and are well-versed in handling traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and more. This article discusses driving points and their consequences for drivers.

DMV point system

The Main Reason for Using the Point System:

  1. to deter drivers from committing traffic offenses;
  2. as a tool for tracking repeat traffic offenders;
  3. to protect the safety of road users, including the drivers themselves;
  4. to allow delinquent drivers to become better drivers.

How the Point System Works

If you have no more than 10 points on your driving record, no action will be taken against you, since the point system is aimed mainly at drivers whose traffic violations are frequent. When a driver is convicted of committing multiple offenses in a short period of time, measures will be taken against them to prevent recurring offenses. If you receive more than 10 driving points and reach 12 points, you will be required to take a preventive driving course.

The course consists of 12 hours and will cost you at least ILS 200. (The number of hours may be greater if you choose the evening study program.)

Drivers who accumulate more than 12 points but do not reach 22 points – after two years, if they commit no new violations, their points will expire and not be included in the total number of points.

However, if a driver accumulates more than 22 points, their points will only expire after four years.

Drivers who accumulate more than 24 points are required to take an expanded course on preventive driving before being allowed to drive again. The course consists of 12 hours and costs at least ILS 200. (The number of hours may be greater for the evening study program.)

License Suspension

If a driver reaches 36 points, the licensing bureau will suspend their driver’s license for at least three months.

If a driver exceeds 72 points within six years, they will be required to undergo a medical fitness test at a certified medical institute for road safety regarding their overall health and ability to drive safely. In addition, the driver’s license will be suspended for at least nine months and they will have to retake the basic theoretical and practical driving test for new drivers.

The course must be completed within six months, or else the licensing bureau may decide not to renew the driver’s license.

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