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Notary Services in Jerusalem

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

The use of notary lawyer services has been on a distinct upward trend in recent years. In ta globalized world where Israelis are often required to contact authorities abroad, there is an increasing need for the help of a notary to confirm the translation of documents, verification of signatures, true copies of the original document, and more. If you require high-quality legal aid, you should contact a professional and reputable law firm, an that can provide the entire range of notary services in Jerusalem under one roof, while ensuring impeccable professionalism.

Once and for all: why do you need a notary?

A notary is a reputable lawyer who has at least ten years of experience. The difference between a notary and an ordinary lawyer is in a special qualification course a notary receives from the Ministry of Justice. This means that not every lawyer is also a notary. As part of their role, the notary are trained in services that include verification, editing and approval of formal documents, until before they are stamped. The very fact that the notary verifies these documents gives them a high level of credibility and reliability.

There is a significant number of cases in which we will require a notary’s signature, as a mandatory condition for receiving service. Here are three common examples of the need for a notary: certification of a true copy of the original, notarized translation and notarized signature verification. Notary Services in Jerusalem

Certification of a true copy of the original

A notary’s signature on a document is proof that it is an authentic. Since in today’s era it is very easy to forge documents, there is a high demand both in Israel and overseas for the certification of a true copy of the original by a notary. This certificate provides proof that the copy of an official document, license or certification is indeed identical to the original.

It is important to clarify that compared to other services such as notarized signature verification, which require you to come to the notary’s office yourself, the confirmation of a true copy of the original can usually be obtained online. This can allow you to obtain the necessary document while significantly saving time and resources.

Notarized signature verification

One of the most common notary services in Israel, in the framework of which a person is required to sign the document in the physical presence of the notary. The notary, for his part, is required to verify his signature, thereby confirming that the document was indeed signed by him. There are various examples of the need for notarized signature verification, such as when wishing to sign a power of attorney or in order to obtain a mortgage.

After a the face-to-face meeting with the notary, additional documents can be approved online, without the need to physically come to the office.

It is worth noting that if the person signing the document is disabled, elderly or sick, or otherwise prevented from coming to the notary’s offices, the latter may come to that person’s place of residence, as well as to a hospital or nursing home where he resides.

Another example of notarized signature verification is when spouses need to draw up a financial agreement before marriage. Due to the legal and economic importance of these documents, it’s best to avoid even the slightest doubt regarding the identity of the signatories. This is the reason why the law requires that the parties sign legal documents such as these before a notary.

Notarized translation

If you are planning a career, a study period, or immigration to a foreign country, you will most likely need to present various certificates and documents to prove your identity. Whether education certificates or a lack of criminal record certificate, there is a need to translate these documents into the language of the designated country. Generally, the authorities abroad are not satisfied with an unofficial translation of the documents, but request the translation be notarized, to confirm its veracity.

Here it is important to choose a notary who speaks the language used in the country, so that he can confirm the translation is correct. Alternatively, if the notary does not speak the language, they are required to provide a professional and qualified translator who must sign a translator’s statement, proving that they are fluent in both languages. In such a situation, the notary notarizes the translator’s statement.

Lawyer notary: how much does it cost?

The first question many clients ask us –  how much do notary services in Jerusalem cost? You should know that every notary is bound to a uniform price list established by law, so he is not allowed to charge a fee as he sees fit. It should be noted that the price list is updated once a year, and defines the price range for each type of notary service. The legislator defined this in the law, with the intention of ensuring that every person will be entitled to receive notary services at a fair price.

Looking for a notary office in Jerusalem? You are invited to contact the Decker, Pex, Levi office, which provides a full range of notary services.

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