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Notarized Translation for a Bagrut Certificate

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Among the multitude of cases where a notarized translation is required, there is no doubt that a notarized translation for a bagrut (matriculation) certificate is especially common. For the most part, whoever requests a notarized translation for a bagrut certificate is thinking of studying in an institution abroad which requires a document certifying educational achievements and grades. For those people who have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree, this means a bagrut certificate – which of course needs to be translated from the original language and be certified by a notary.

If the grades and achievements in the certificates are sufficient it is the notarized translation which will be decisive in the question of acceptance to the educational institution and it will simply not be possible to make any progress in this channel without it. Our law office are aware of the great importance of a high quality notarized translation of bagrut certificates and so we offer a speedy, thorough and professional service. If you need to translate your bagrut certificate into any language whatsoever and you want to be certain that this is done in the best possible way and within the shortest period of time, you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in this matter.

Now we would like to explain a little more about the matter of the notarized translation generally, about cases where a notarized translation of a bagrut certificate is required and the bagrut examinations in Israel generally. You are welcome to contact us at any stage and receive further important information from us and a price quote for a professional notarized translation.

Notarized Translation for a Bagrut Certificate

What in fact is a notarized translation?

Many of us are familiar with “regular” translation and its importance. But not many people are acquainted with the subject of notarized translation and how critical it can be. In a “regular” translation (by a neighbor, friend, or even a professional translator who is not a notary) the holder of the certificate does not receive any authorization that the translation is indeed appropriate and true to the original document and in the worst cases this can lead to a breakdown in conveying the message.

When official documents need to be translated,it is crucial to have a professional translation that is faithful to the original language as much as possible. We shall take for example the matter of bagrut certificates. Let us suppose that there is a particularly accurate written evaluation that describes your educational achievements but its translation does not express it completely. In these cases you are liable to be rejected solely on account of a document that has not been properly translated.

Beyond this, a notarized translation is not only a translation at the highest professional level, but it constitutes, per se, certification of the correctness of the translation and is a legal document for all intents and purposes. This is why a notarized translation must always be meticulous and professional, and in particular when a translation of a bagrut certificate is required.

When is a notarized translation required for a bagrut certificate?

The most common cases where people require a notarized translation for a bagrut certificate are:

  • Studies abroad: many Israelis wish to study for an academic degree in different countries abroad, on account of the tuition fees which are generally significantly lower than the prices here in Israel, the acceptance conditions which are more lenient (for example medical studies in Italy or in Bulgaria), and of course the unique experience. In these cases most of the educational institutions will require comprehensive information about each candidate’s present education, which also includes a translation of a bagrut document.
  • Student exchanges: student exchanges are similar in their nature to full studies abroad, just for a shorter and limited period, generally of one or two semesters. In these cases a notarized translation of a matriculation certificate  may not be necessary – for the most part a translation of an existing degree or a certificate of studies / grade sheet is required – but this is absolutely a requirement that may arise in some cases.
  • It is important to remember that there are study tracks and student exchanges in the language of the foreign country, which require that the student demonstrate mastery of this language and will translate his documents into the country’s own language (for example, most of the study tracks in Austria and Germany). On the other hand, there are student exchange programs (for example, in Israel) where the study language is English. In this case a translation of the certificate into English or a translation of a degree into English will suffice, even if the official language of the country where the educational institution is located is not English. Of course, if the country where you are going to study is Canada, Australia, the United States, or England, then you need to obtain a graduation certificate translated into English or a degree certificate translated into English.

You should note that in accordance with the requirements and study tracks in the various institutions worldwide, a requirement is likely to arise for a notarized translation of additional relevant documents such as a certificate of previous academic degrees, a certificate of number of years of education as well as a certificate of good conduct from the Israel Police.

How much does a notarized translation for a bagrut certificate cost?

If you’re looking for a translation of a bagrut certificate into English, you should know that the price of the translation is according to the number of words in the document. The costs of a notary’s certificate for a translation are Israel are fixed and entrenched in law, regardless of the type of document. The price for the first hundred words or part thereof is 211 shekels and 167 shekels for every additional hundred words or part thereof. Each copy cost 66 shekels and statutory Value Added Tax at the rate of 17% should be added to these sums.

This price does not include the translation itself, which is carried out either by the notary (a notarized translation) or by an external translator (a certified translator’s declaration) and in fact every office can determine different tariffs for the translation work. Due to our wish to assist whoever requires a high quality notarized translation, we would be pleased to offer only competitive and fair prices. The cost of translating a bagrut certificate from Hebrew into English can range from 434 NIS to 818 NIS depending on the number of pages and words, and the necessity of translating the grades sheet as well.

About the bagrut examinations in Israel

The bagrut examinations in Israel are government examinations on behalf of the Ministry of Education aimed at evaluating students’ educational knowledge at the end of their high school studies. The bagrut examinations are held on two different dates in summer and winter, and it is also possible to be examined outside the school framework via the external examinations branch on behalf of the Ministry of Education, which allows a student to complete and improve their grades in the bagrut examinations at different stages in their lifetime. Presently, the bagrut examinations system comprises 25 compulsory subjects and a further 102 optional subjects.

It is important to be aware that on several occasions the academic institutions abroad, but also in Israel, require a bagrut certificate with a particular average in order to be accepted for various study tracks. It is true that there are tracks and degrees that do not require bagrut, but certainly when studies at leading institutions abroad are concerned, a full bagrut certificate with a good average is almost always the most basic threshold condition.

Contact us for a professional translation of your bagrut certificate

Are you trying to be accepted for studies abroad and you have been asked to arrange for a notarized translation for your bagrut certificate or other documents? We are here for you at every stage and the team of experts at our law firm will be happy to assist you and support you in the process of being accepted for studies.

Remember, a high quality notarized translation is not merely a basic requirement of the leading institutions worldwide, but it is also an important process which has the power to influence your chances of success in being accepted for studies. Do not settle for less in this matter – contact a notary to translate your bagrut certificate today and we will be happy to be of service to you!

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