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How Israelis Can Get a UAE Investor Visa

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article will address how Israelis can get a UAE investor visa. This is often the long-term residence visa, which allows someone to live in the UAE for five to ten years.

How Israelis Can Get a UAE Investor Visa – 5 and 10 Year Options

If you seek to obtain a ten-year residence visa, there are two primary ways to do so: 1) you invest AED 10 million (~8.9 million NIS) in the UAE public sector or 2) you have expertise in a specific area of work, such as being a doctor, inventor, biotechnologist, etc, that is valuable and helpful to the UAE economy. If you choose to invest in the public sector, you can do so through an investment fund, setting up a company with capital of at least AED 10 million, or becoming a partner in a UAE company with your shares valued at a minimum of AED 10 million.  

If you seek to obtain a five-year residence visa, there are three primary ways to do so: 1) you invest in UAE property, 2) you are an entrepreneur with a specific project that has capital worth a minimum AED 500,000 (~450,000 NIS), or 3) you are an excellent student in a secondary school or university with a high GPA (minimum 3.75). If you choose to invest in property, the property value must be at least AED 5 million.  

Applying for An Investor Visa

If you wish to apply for an investor visa, there are two main stages. First, you need to apply for an entry permit. Second, once you obtain the permit, you can apply for a long-term residence visa. 

In order to obtain an entry permit, you need a copy of your passport, additional passport photos, six months of bank statements, and documents proving your eligibility. These documents can vary depending on what you are applying as — an investor, or entrepreneur, etc. This can include proof of patent, a copy of the partnership contract, or a copy of your company trade license, among others.  

Once you have an entry permit, you need the following to apply for the long-term residence visa. This includes your entry permit, medical test, passport, pictures, and an immigration establishment card. There is also additional paperwork depending on your specific case, eligibility, and what you are applying under.  

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