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A5 Visa—ID Card for Temporary Residents

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Entry into Israel involves various visas, as well as obeying the requirements for entering the country, each of which is based on certain points and certificates. One of these certificates is the A5 visa, which is connected with obtaining legal status for temporary residents in Israel.

Types of Visas and the Difference Between the A5 Visa and Other Visas

Israel has mutual visa exemption agreements that enable mutual visa-free travel to and from many countries around the world. However, these agreements are only valid for individuals who have a visa or passport, not internal Israeli residence documents.

Accordingly, every foreign citizen staying in Israel is required to hold a stay visa, or an entry into Israel visa, by law. There are various types of stay visas, such as a tourist visa, a student visa, a work visa, and a permanent stay visa. These visas are issued by the Population and Immigration Authority based on the reason for residence in the country, which determines the period of the visa’s validity.

In certain circumstances, foreign citizens may receive citizenship in Israel. The longer the period of the visa’s validity, the smaller the number of individuals who are eligible to receive it, and the more conditions the applicant will be required to meet.

A5 Visas

An A5 stay visa is a general visa for temporary residents. It is usually granted to foreign citizens who are in the process of obtaining permanent residence or citizenship in Israel. In most cases, this is due to marrying an Israeli citizen or for humanitarian reasons or family unification.

Of course, obtaining the visa is not easy, and it is recommended that you seek professional help with the application process from a lawyer who specializes in the field.

Receivers of A5 visas are eligible for a temporary ID card. This card is only valid for one to three years, and it may be extended, depending on your situation, for an additional period of up to two years, indefinitely. Holders of this visa also have the right to work in Israel and enjoy all the National Insurance benefits of an Israeli citizen, except for the rights to vote in the State elections and to receive an Israeli passport.

The Conditions for Obtaining an A5 Visa

The actual granting procedure, or extension of the temporary residence A5 visa for foreign citizens, requires meeting the following conditions before applying:

  1. Filling out an A5 application form for receiving a temporary stay permit;
  2. Presenting a foreign passport with a remaining validity of at least half a year longer than the requested visa;
  3. Submitting translations of original official documents, including a birth certificate, as well as official documents regarding the applicant’s current and past marital status;
  4. Submitting three up-to-date passport photos;
  5. Providing an affidavit certified by an Israeli lawyer and submitting a letter explaining the circumstances of the request;
  6. If the applicant works in Israel—submitting a written affidavit corroborating the material that the applicant has provided;
  7. Paying a service fee in the amount determined in the table of fees.

**If certain documents are missing, they must be submitted within 45 days from the date of the application.A5 Visa—ID Card for Temporary Residents

Processing the Application

After the application is submitted, the request for a temporary stay permit (A5 visa) is examined by a Population and Immigration Authority official to verify that the applicant meets the required criteria. In addition, the official investigates about the existence of any restrictions regarding the applicant.

Another examination in the process is a test that is referred to as the Center of Life in Israel test. If the test shows that the applicant’s center of life is not in Israel, and that they live in a foreign country, the decision will be sent to the manager of the office where the application was submitted. If the applicant has resided in Israel for more than half a year, a request will be sent to the police regarding the applicant’s criminal history, intelligence information about them, and any other needed information.

If the applicant is from a country that is considered a security concern, the application will not be examined until the CEO of the Authority gives their approval. If the application is approved, the applicant will need to fill out a detailed resume form, which will be sent to the Israeli security officials.

If, at the end of the process, the application is approved, a special permit label (sticker) will be issued and put into the applicant’s passport, and a new ID card or new appendix (slip) for the applicant’s existing temporary ID card will be printed if the application was for extending the visa.

If the application was submitted on time but was not processed on time, the existing visa will be extended for three more months.

If the application is denied, the case will be decided by the manager of the Population and Immigration Authority office.

Expiration of the Visa

The Israeli temporary residence visa expires as stipulated in Section 11 of the Entry Into Israel Regulations. The visa may expire for various reasons, such as leaving the country, not meeting the conditions under which the visa was granted, ending of the visa period, and so on.

If a couple, one of whom is an Israeli citizen and the other a foreign citizen, have common children and then separate, they should make sure that, on the date of separation, the legal status of the foreign spouse allows for at least two more years of temporary residence. In addition, the opinion of a social welfare official or social worker is required regarding the degree of harm that will be caused to the children if they are forcefully separated from their non-Israeli parent. Even then, this does not mean that the foreign spouse will automatically receive Israeli legal status, but their demand to reside in Israel will be considered seriously. Submitting a professional application will bring the desired results in this matter.

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Arranging the legal status of a person in Israel entails a difficult complex procedure that requires comprehensive in-depth understanding of the regulations, laws, and previous decisions. This type of regulations requires professional assistance from a lawyer who is experienced in Aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) and will provide information, advice, and legal representation until obtaining the desired visa.

If you, too, would like a comprehensive accurate procedure that is tailored to your needs, contact our office and we will be happy to serve you.

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