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UAE Tourist Visa to Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

This article will discuss obtaining a UAE tourist visa to Israel. Everything related to Israeli visas falls under the purview of the Israeli Ministry of Interior. As of the writing of this present article, initial steps are being put in place for the establishment of mutual embassies in Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Once these relations are formally established, the process for visa application will very likely follow the process detailed below. We will also update this article with pertinent information as it becomes available.

UAE Tourist Visa to Israel

Obtaining a B/2 UAE Tourist Visa to Israel

An Israeli tourist visa, or B/2 visa, is available for foreign citizens whose countries have diplomatic relations with Israel. Israeli border control officials reserve the right to permit or deny the entry of tourists to the country.  

There are two main types of tourist visa procedures. The first is with countries Israel has signed reciprocal agreements with, allowing Israeli citizens to visit these countries, and the foreign citizens to visit Israel, without obtaining a tourist visa in advance. This means, that upon entry to Israel, Israeli border control issues a B/2 visa, permitting tourists the possibility to stay in the country for a maximum of three months. The second type of procedure is when countries do not have reciprocal agreements for tourists, in which case, tourists must obtain an Israeli B/2 visa prior to traveling to Israel. At present, we do not know which of these scenarios will be valid for citizens of the UAE.

If the first situation is in effect, the procedure is relatively straightforward.  In the second situation, it is a bit more complicated, and we will detail this further here.

When a country does not have a free visa agreement with Israel, they first need to obtain an invitation to come to Israel from an Israeli citizen or permanent resident. If an Israeli citizen or permanent resident wants to invite a UAE citizen under the second situation described above, they may do so in cases where: 

  • There is not an Israeli embassy in the country of the foreign citizen’s residence.
  • The foreign citizen applied in the past but had their application rejected.
  • The foreign citizen violated the terms of an Israeli visa in the past, residing in Israel illegally. 
  • The foreign citizen is engaged in official business and would like to come to the country for a short business trip. 

More Information on How to Obtain a Foreign Citizen Invitation to Israel

We have written extensively on the tourist visa application process in other articles on our website.  If you would like to learn more about obtaining a foreign citizen invitation and the official procedures for handling tourist visa applications in Israel, please see our article on obtaining a B/2 tourist visa in advance

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