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UAE Expert Foreign Workers in Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

This article will address UAE expert foreign workers in Israel — how to bring them, considerations, salary requirements, and more. Expert foreign workers can be medical professionals, academics, CEOs, senior representatives of companies, singers, artists, and more. As the United Arab Emirates establish normalized relationship with Israel, the exchange of expert workers will become necessary.

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What to Consider about UAE Expert Foreign Workers in Israel

UAE Expert Foreign Workers in IsraelIt’s important to note that Israeli law gives preference to its own citizens, thus the state does not encourage bringing foreign workers to Israel.  That said, the law also makes exceptions when Israelis cannot fulfill the need of an organization and the organization requires skilled labor performed by an expert who must be brought to the country. 

It’s important to consider what qualifies an individual to be a foreign expert worker.  The foreign worker must be able to prove that they have special skills or knowledge that cannot be easily performed by Israeli workers.  The expert must also be willing to train locals in their area of expertise, and employing a foreign expert worker requires a company to prove that, as a result of the expert worker’s knowledge and training, a minimum of 10 additional positions will be created within the company.  

Fees and Salaries

Unlike the average visa, foreign expert visas are much more expensive, again, as part of Israeli policy to discourage bringing foreign workers to Israel.  The application fee is approximately 1,200 NIS, and if the application is approved, the employing organization must pay an additional 10,000 NIS for the visa to the Israeli Ministry of Interior.  

In order to discourage companies from relying on foreign expert workers, companies are required to offer significantly higher salaries to foreign experts than to the rest of their local workers.  Namely, foreign expert workers must be paid, at a minimum, twice the average wages incurred by the average Israeli worker.  

Applying for a Foreign Expert Worker Visa

Our law office has over 30 years of experience in immigration law, including obtaining tourist and work visas for our clients.  If you seek to learn more about the phases of the expert visa application process, see our article on the subject.  

Other Subjects for UAE Businesses in Israel

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