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Relocation of Foreign Workers

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Relocation of foreign workers to Israel requires the necessary visa. This article outlines some of the legal challenges for the relocation of foreign workers to Israel. Our relocation lawyers have extensive expertise in navigating these legal challenges due to our years of experience in the relevant areas of Israeli immigration law.

The B/1 Visa:

The primary visa that is granted to foreign workers seeking to relocate to Israel, is the B/1 visa. The B/1 visa can be obtained for a number of purposes, including but not limited to working for a corporation or for the state as a foreign expert and to work in the nursing sector.

Relocation of Foreign Workers

Family of B/1 Visa Holders:

For those wishing to live and work in Israel, holding the B/1 visa will allow relocation of foreign workers to Israel. Holding a B/1 visa, will allow the foreign workers to enter and work in Israel, but does not necessarily extend to include the spouse or family of the B/1 visa holder. Therefore, for a relocation of workers and family to Israel, the specifics of the visa arrangement should be verified when making the application.

Foreign Worker that is Part of a Corporate Relocation:

For an individual wishing to relocate to Israel as part of a corporate relocation, they must ensure that they are invited to Israel by an Employer in Israel that has obtained authorization on their behalf from the Ministry of Interior in accordance with the 1991 Foreign Worker’s Law. The worker relocating, should be aware that their employer will likely be held accountable to the Israeli authorities, to pay a fee for the visa application and also for the visa.

Legal Protections for Foreign Workers Relocating to Israel:

Israel is a country with ample protections of worker’s rights and also provides rights and protections to its foreign and migrant workers. In accordance with Israel’s Foreign Worker’s Law, a foreign worker is entitled to various forms of financial protections pertaining to their salary, social benefits and rights.

Relocation to Israel not as a Foreign Worker:

If you are interested in relocation to Israel, but not as a foreign worker, see our article on the different permits available to non-Israeli citizens.

Our Law Firm:

Despite the protections available under Israeli Law, relocation to Israel can be a difficult and stressful task, especially when it comes to navigating the culture, language, and legal system. Our Law Firm has relocation lawyers who would love to answer your questions and assist you in making your relocation as seamless as possible.


If you have further questions about relocation of foreign workers to Israel, or if you want more information on the mandatory paperwork, please contact the relocation lawyers at our firm.

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