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Register a United Arab Emirates Business in Israel

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article will explain how to register a United Arab Emirates business in Israel. At the time that we are writing this article, there is still no Israeli Embassy or Consulate in the Emirates or UAE Embassy or Consulate in Israel, but once this is established, these are the steps that will need to be taken. Until then, it is possible to begin taking preliminary steps in order to move forward once all governmental procedural steps are taken between Israel and the UAE. 

Registering a Foreign Company or a Subsidiary

Register a UAE Business in Israel

Israeli corporate law is overseen by the Israeli Ministry of Justice. First, it is important to distinguish between Israeli laws regarding company registration for a foreign company, UAE or otherwise, in Israel, and the subsidiary of a UAE company that seeks to operate in Israel. The main difference is that when registering a foreign company in Israel, this UAE company needs to receive a permit to operate in Israel, but it remains its own foreign company. In the second case, when setting up a subsidiary, a new Israeli legal entity must be established, and the UAE-owned company is a shareholder in the Israeli company. This section below discusses the first case, registering a foreign company to undertake business activities in Israel. 

How to Register a United Arab Emirates Business in Israel

In order to register as a foreign company, the following steps must take place:

  1. The UAE company’s certificate of registration must be authenticated by a) a stamp of the Israeli Embassy or Consulate in the UAE, or b) by an apostille. If the UAE does not require that this company have a certificate of registration, then the lawyer submitting the registration request in Israel must include an affidavit addressing this in the application.
  2. A Hebrew translation of the company’s certificate of registration must be included, and this must be translated by a notary public.  Our law offices provide these services, translating from Arabic or English to Hebrew for our clients.
  3. The company’s bylaws and their Hebrew translation must also be included, again, translated by a notary public.
  4. The UAE company must provide verification that the company is active, and this must also be translated into Hebrew.
  5. The UAE company needs to grant power of attorney to an Israeli resident authorizing this person to be their local representative in Israel.  
  6. A complete list of the company’s directors must be included.
  7. Finally, payment to register the foreign business must be included as well. 

Other Articles of Interest

There are many needs that foreign companies have when seeking to register in Israel.  This most often falls under corporate or immigration law, as the company seeks to bring foreign expert workers to the country or provide visas to Israeli workers to visit a parent company abroad, and so forth.  See links to our articles on foreign expert workers, Israeli law for UAE companies, and more.  

Contact Us to Register a United Arab Emirates Business in Israel

Our law offices specialize in corporate law, among other fields, and we provide comprehensive services for foreign companies seeking to register and operate in Israel.  If you have any questions or would like legal assistance with your company’s needs, please contact us.  Advocate Michael Decker specializes in Israeli corporate law, and he would be happy to assist you.

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