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Israeli Corporate Law for UAE Companies


Michael Decker

This article will discuss Israeli corporate law for UAE companies. 

Israeli Corporate Law for UAE Companies

At the time of this writing, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have yet to finalize relations between the two countries, including establishing mutual embassies.  However, we have already begun working with a number of UAE companies seeking to explore corporate opportunities, thus we are putting together some articles that may be of interest.  We will update these articles with more information as it becomes available, but we believe that UAE companies will follow the same procedures as any other country that does business in Israel. 

Doing Business in Israel

As a small country with a strong, stable economy, Israel seeks to do business with many countries around the world, and is known for its innovative technologies and corporate drive as the “Start-Up Nation”. In a recent comparison of business regulation across 190 economies, Israel ranked very high among countries in which it is easy to do business. That said, some of Israel’s laws and regulations pre-date the establishment of the state, creating a number of bureaucratic hurdles, which, while possible to overcome, demand an understanding of Israeli laws for corporations.   

Israeli Corporate Law for UAE Companies

Whether you seek to register a foreign company in Israel — including opening a foreign branch of your offices in Israel, registering a subsidiary, or starting a representative office for the foreign company — we can provide you with assistance and helpful information. Particularly, we detail how to register a foreign company or subsidiary for UAE business in Israel.  If you wish to first come on business or tourist purposes to establish the suitability of the situation for you, see our articles on obtaining an investor visa or tourist visa to Israel.  Also, as you establish business relations, subsidiaries, and companies in Israel, you will certainly need to obtain a UAE expert foreign worker visa, which we also discuss at length. 

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