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Austrian Citizenship: 5 Common Questions and Answers

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Many Israelis seek Austrian citizenship as it grants numerous benefits and rights related to employment, residency, and more. In this article, you will find 5 common questions and answers about Austrian citizenship.

What are the eligibility criteria for Austrian citizenship?

To apply for Austrian citizenship, one must be a descendant of an Austrian citizen (or a citizen from the Austro-Hungarian Empire who was a resident of Austria) who left Austria between 1933-1955. It is important to note that for citizenship applications related to victims of Nazi persecution, the limitation is that the original citizen was born before 1945 and indeed left Austria due to Nazi persecution.

It’s worth mentioning that there is an option for citizenship even for descendants whose parents are not citizens, by skipping generations. Meaning, if the applicant’s grandparent has the original eligibility, there’s no requirement that the applicant’s parents also be Austrian citizens. It’s enough to prove the grandparent’s eligibility for Austrian citizenship.

questions about Austrian citizenship

How long does the process of obtaining Austrian citizenship take?

The duration of the process for obtaining Austrian citizenship is not fixed, as each case is unique. The process varies depending on the circumstances and is influenced by various factors such as the complexity of finding relevant documents to prove eligibility, obtaining appropriate approvals, and more. The process usually lasts about two years, but as mentioned earlier, it may be shorter or longer depending on the specific citizenship case.

Is the spouse of an Austrian citizen automatically entitled to citizenship?

Obtaining Austrian citizenship for a spouse of an Austrian citizen is not automatic. Spouses need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for citizenship. Married or common law partners are entitled to an Austrian passport after a continuous and legal six-year stay in Austria, and after 5 years of marriage or 5 years of partnership during which a joint household was maintained.

Could service in the IDF prevent obtaining Austrian citizenship?

According to Austrian law, those who volunteered for service in a foreign army are not eligible for Austrian citizenship. However, since in Israel it’s a mandatory service by law and not voluntary, those who served in the past are eligible for an Austrian passport.

Regarding permanent military service, the situation is slightly different since career personnel apply for the position voluntarily. An Israeli currently in permanent service (“keva”) is not eligible for Austrian citizenship, and similarly, if an Austrian citizen volunteers for service in the IDF or decides to serve permanently – their citizenship will be revoked. However, those who previously served as officers or volunteered in the past are allowed to apply for citizenship.

Advantages of Austrian Citizenship

Those who hold Austrian citizenship benefit from a wide range of advantages across various fields:

Employment Benefits – Austrian citizens have numerous employment opportunities across the European Union member states. Given that these are rich and professionally developed countries, this option is highly attractive. Therefore, Austrian citizens benefit from mortgage options, making investments, purchasing assets, and receiving tax discounts for young entrepreneurs when opening a new business.

Residency Rights – Austrian citizens have the privilege of residing in any of the European Union countries without the need for special permits and without any time limit on their stay. This is in contrast to Israelis, who are allowed to live in these countries for a limited duration.

Higher Education in Renowned Institutions – Austrian citizens have the right to acquire degrees from some of the best and most prestigious higher education institutions in the world. Moreover, these studies are fully or partially subsidized, enabling the acquisition of higher education for free or at an attractive price.

Easy and Convenient Movement Between Countries – Those with Austrian citizenship enjoy quick and easy passage between European Union countries, as having Austrian citizenship shortens the security check process and the bureaucratic procedure. Therefore, Austrian citizens are exempt from obtaining a visa when entering the USA or Australia and are allowed to enter freely into various countries around the world.

In conclusion, Austrian citizenship offers many significant advantages, especially in the fields of employment, education, and residency. If you have any further questions about eligibility for Austrian citizenship, contact us:

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