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Obtaining German Citizenship for Nazi Victims

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article addresses obtaining German citizenship for Nazi victims in light of the easing of recent regulations. 


German Jews were the largest and most prosperous Jews in Europe before the Nazi party gained power. Descendants of these Jews who left Germany after January 1933 are eligible to obtain a German passport today. 

If you or your family were victims of Nazi persecution, the German government’s 2020 policies regarding the German Nationality Law now make it easier for Nazi victims and their descendants to obtain naturalization. This means that these parties do not need to pass certain language tests, live in Germany for the normal duration of time required for naturalization, and more. This 2020 announcement can help millions of people around the world obtain German citizenship and a European passport. Obtaining German Citizenship for Nazi Victims

Obtaining German citizenship for Nazi victims

In order to obtain German citizenship for Nazi victims, you first need to prove your eligibility for citizenship, which we discuss in the linked article

Additional recent changes in German law, correcting for gender discrimination, allow any child born in marriage to a German father or mother to obtain German citizenship. Previously, this was only permitted if one was born to a German father. A child born after 1993 to either a German mother or father, whether born to married or unmarried parents, may also apply for German citizenship.

Legal services to obtain German citizenship

Our law offices specialize in immigration, and we have significant experience conducting genealogical research and obtaining documents for Jewish families that fled Germany due to the rise of the Nazi party and its policies. We work with many clients on issues related to German law and immigration, and we can help you with this issue.

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We also provide services in obtaining Austrian passports for descendants whose families fled Austria from 1933-1955. We also provide more information on applying for German citizenship

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Our law offices specialize in immigration law, and we can help you with your case to obtain German citizenship. Contact Advocate Michael Decker for legal assistance.

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