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Israeli Work Visa for a Foreign Athlete or Coach

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

If you seek to obtain an Israeli work visa for a foreign athlete or coach (for a soccer, American football or basketball team, among others), then our law firm can help you.  A work visa for a foreign athlete or foreign coach would usually be considered a foreign expert work visa, which is dealt with by an Israel immigration lawyer.  Companies that apply for a foreign athlete or coach are usually NGOs, since most teams in Israel are some sort of nonprofit organization (agudat sport).  We are accustomed to helping clients from big and small companies and institutions obtain foreign expert work visas for their workers.

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Obtaining an Israeli Work Visa for a Foreign Athlete or Coach

Israel limits the number of foreign expert work visas it issues every year in order to ensure that most jobs in Israel remain available for Israelis, thus there are limitations on the number of foreign athletes each team can have (depending on the type of sport).  Two of the biggest sports in Israel are football (what US citizens call soccer) and basketball, but American football is gaining interest in Israel as well.  The Israeli government is willing to make exceptions for athletes or coaches for soccer, football and basketball teams in Israel.  This is particularly the case if the foreign expert athlete or coach has a special skill which will strengthen the Israeli team and perhaps create more jobs or generate more financial interest in the sport.  If this is the situation, the NGO or company can make the case that they need the foreign expert worker.  It is important to note that any foreign expert worker, whether a foreign athlete or coach in basketball, soccer, or American football, must be paid double the average salary of an Israeli worker.  Additionally, the organization needs the Ministry of Interior to approve that the foreign athlete or foreign coach is really needed.  

In order to apply for this visa, which is a B/1 visa, for a foreign athlete or coach who are experts in soccer, American football or basketball, the foreign athlete or coach must not be in Israel.  The company applying on their behalf must do so when the individual is not in the country, and if and when the visa is approved, the foreign athlete or coach must pick up the visa at an Israeli consulate abroad.

We provide a long list of conditions and documents needed for this procedure in our article on B/1 work visas.

Articles on Immigration Issues

Our law firm has over 30 years of experience assisting both individual and company clients with immigration issues, including Israeli foreign expert work visas. Israeli immigration regulations are stipulated by the Ministry of Interior.  To read more about foreign expert work visas or other immigration issues, see our articles on immigration, which provide free legal resources on a variety of issues we often address with our clients.

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If you need assistance obtaining an Israeli work visa for a foreign athlete or coach in soccer, American football, basketball or another sport, please contact us.  

Advocate Joshua Pex specializes in foreign expert work visas and Israel immigration law, and he would be happy to assist you with your legal needs.

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