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Looking for an Israeli immigration lawyer? People from around the world come to Israel for many different reasons (aliyah based on the Israeli Law of Return, marrying an Israeli citizen, family reunification) and with a variety of entrance visas (including a work visa, a volunteer visa, education and student visa, a tourist visa, expert work visa, working for an international organization, etc.).

Immigration to Israel 

We at Decker, Pex, Levi, a law firm specializing in Israeli immigration and visas to Israel, will happily be of service with regard to any questions on immigration to Israel. We practice immigration law in Israel and represent private and commercial clients dealing with the various departments of the Ministry for Interior, the government authority which issues visas for people wishing to enter Israel.

Aliyah to Israel

Our firm represents clients who wish to immigrate to Israel according to the Law of Return – 1950 (make aliyah) as Jews or descendants of Jews. This includes both direct descendants and family members.

Some relevant articles regarding our aliyah services:

Making aliyah to Israel after coming to Israel as a tourist.

Aliyah for great-grandchildren of Jews.

Marriage to an Israeli Citizen or Resident

Non-Israeli citizens who marry an Israeli citizen or enter a state of cohabitation/common law marriage with an Israeli partner are eligible to acquire legal status in Israel. The

Immigration to Israel

duration of this gradual process is around five years, during which the couple must prove that they are living together and can provide for themselves. First the non-Israeli receives a work visa; second, a temporary resident status; and at the end of the process, without further complication, permanent residency or Israeli citizenship.

We include a few relevant articles on the topic:

Israel marriage visa addressing the process above for married couples.

Israeli common law marriage visa addressing the process for common law or cohabiting partners.

Marriage to an Israeli permanent resident addressing the Ministry of Interior procedure.

Visas to Israel

We at the Decker, Pex, Levi will be glad to answer questions and provide legal assistance regarding entrance to Israel on a tourist visa (B/2 visa), work visa (B/1 visa), volunteer visa, student visa, clergy visa, or visas for humanitarian workers.

Entry Denied to Israel or Deportation Order

The Department of Border Control at the Ben Gurion airport and other border crossings into Israel can decide to allow or deny a person’s entrance into the country. This decision must be logical and based on legal reasoning. Any decision of the Ministry of Interior can be appealed or challenged in the Administrative Court by an Israeli immigration lawyer.

We at Decker, Pex, Levi will be able to assist in matters of denial of entrance into Israel, appealing a deportation order from Israel, and issues regarding entrance into Israel.

Legal Representation in the Court of Law by an Israeli Immigration Lawyer

Our firm represents clients in any legal action relating to the Ministry of Interior regarding immigration to Israel, such as an appeal against a decision of the Ministry of Interior, a petition to the Administrative Court, or the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem.

If you seek legal assistance from an Israeli immigration lawyer, please contact us.

Israeli immigration lawyer

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