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Israeli Immigration Lawyer in Tel Aviv

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Israeli Immigration Lawyer in Tel Aviv

If you are looking for an Israeli immigration lawyer in Tel Aviv or near the Tel Aviv area, you’ve come to the right place! Our law office has years of experience helping clients with their immigration needs!  One branch of our offices is located in Tel Aviv, very close to the Tel Aviv area, and we would be happy to offer our legal assistance for your immigration needs.

How We Can Help You

We know there are numerous lawyers in the Tel Aviv area, and Israel has an extremely high number of lawyers per capita.  Therefore it can be hard to find the right person for your legal case.  As a result, we’ve written 10 tips to help you choose an Israeli immigration lawyer, which might be helpful to you as you decide who to call.  All immigration issues in Israel fall under the authority of the Israeli Ministry of Interior.  We can help simplify the legal process and make it easy for you to obtain the help you need.

Common Immigration Issues

Israeli Immigration Lawyer in Tel AvivFrom our experience, individual clients are often interested in aliyah to Israel, obtaining a marriage visa, a common law marriage visa, a humanitarian visa, temporary resident visa, elderly parent visa, or international aid worker visa, among other issues.  

We also have a lot of experience helping companies bring in foreign expert workers and obtaining work visas for their teams.

We provide free legal resources on all these issues and numerous others related to immigration to Israel on our website.  

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If you need help with any issue related to immigration and visas and you seek an Israeli immigration lawyer in Tel Aviv, please contact us.  

Advocate Joshua Pex specializes in immigration law in Israel, and he would be happy to discuss any legal concerns with you.

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