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Israeli Amuta Registration – Legal Requirements

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Israeli Amuta Registration – Requirements of the Israeli Registrar of Amutot

Our law offices practice Israeli NGO law. There are several ways to establish legal entities of nonprofit organizations in Israel. However, the most common form of Israeli NGOs are called amutot. There are over 30,000 amutot in Israel.  For more information about Israeli NGOs, see our collection of articles on the topic. Here are some of the basic legal requirements for Israeli amuta registration.

Two founders for Israeli amuta registration: These are the founding members of the amuta, which become the first members of the board of directors. They can be replaced after the amuta’s first general assembly. The founders do not need to be Israeli citizens, but it makes it easier if they are Israelis.

Name: In order to register the Israeli amuta, the founders are required to choose an original name. We are able to check in advance and find out if the preferred name is available. However, for Israeli amuta registration, it is necessary to give at least two alternative names, in case the first choice is taken.

Israeli amuta registrationGoals of the amuta: Three or four goals must be stated in the registration forms. We recommend drafting general goals in order not to limit the activity of the NGO in the future.

Address of the founders: Home address of the two amuta founders.

Address of the amuta: If the NGO does not have an address yet, the address can be our law office for the beginning, at the home of one of the founders in Israel, or any address which is useful and practical for the activity of the Israeli amuta.

After the registration is complete, the Israeli amuta will need at least five more members to join, which together with the two founders, will make seven members of the amuta. This is the minimum required number of amuta members. It is not necessary to give all seven names for the Israeli amuta registration process.

Fees: The fee for the Israeli amuta registration is 942 NIS (as of April 2015), which is paid online by credit card or at the post office.

Final steps: Once the Israeli amuta registration documents are prepared, the two founders need to sign them in front of an Israeli lawyer, and they are then submitted to the Registrar of Amutot. The process of Israeli amuta registration should not take more than a month.

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