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Dutch Citizenship by Investment

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Do you want to receive Dutch citizenship by investment? This article discusses the different types of investments you can make in the Netherlands, touches upon alternative countries in Europe, and explains how you receive citizenship after having received a residence permit for Holland through investment.

Investment in private property – Europe

Unlike other European countries, Holland does not offer the opportunity to receive a residency permit by investment in private property. European Union countries who do offer citizenship through real estate investment include Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta. A residence permit in these countries will allow you to travel visa-free through the Schengen area, consisting of 26 countries in the European Union and European Economic Area.

Investment in a Dutch company

Dutch Citizenship by Investment

Wealthy foreign nationals can apply for a Holland residence permit through investment in a Dutch company. Your investment needs be at least €1,250,000 and add value to the Dutch economy. Your investment “adds value” to the Dutch economy if at least two of the following three conditions are met:

  1. Your investment creates at least 6 local jobs within 3 years and 10 jobs within 5 years
  2. Your investment boosts the company’s innovation. For instance, the product or service the company provides is new in the Netherlands; novel technologies are used for manufacturing, distribution or marketing; or a novel approach is adopted for the structure or organization of the company.
  3. Your investment adds non-financial value to the company through your active involvement. Your involvement is deemed active if you are a cofounder/codirector with a relevant educational background or at least five years of experience in the field and if you bring in specific knowledge, connections, or customers.

Basic requirements are that the company is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK), makes a positive contribution to the Dutch economy (i.e., your company does not offer harmful products or services), and will continue to exist after your investment.

Investment in a Dutch fund

Wealthy foreign nationals can also apply for a Holland residence permit through investment in a Dutch participation fund or SEED fund. In this case, your investment also needs to equal €1,250,000. Participation funds attract investors to invest in promising start-ups and companies. The participation fund of your choice should be (or become) a member of the Netherlands Association of Participation Funds (NVP).The participation fund should be registered with the KVK, as should the companies the participation fund invests in.

Also, the participation fund of your choice should invest in sustainable companies that make a positive contribution to the Dutch economy (i.e., not offering harmful products or services) and that will continue to exist after the investment. Your application will only concern your investment, not the total of investments made by all members of the participation fund. Thus, your investment should add value to the Dutch economy by realizing at least two of the following three conditions:

  1. Your investment creates at least 6 jobs in the companies funded within 3 years and 10 jobs within 5 years
  2. Your investment boosts the funded companies’ innovation (as above)
  3. Your investment adds non-financial value to the funded companies through your active involvement (as above).

Seed funds bring together investors and start-uppers in the technological and creative sphere and are supported by the Dutch government. Seed funds are approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Through seed funds, the Dutch government provides interest-free loans to investment funds for a maximum of 12 years. At least 3 independent shareholders should contribute the same amount or more to the investment fund. The startup invested in must have been active for a maximum of 7 years since the first commercial sale. For more information on Seed investment funds, please refer to

How does acquiring Dutch citizenship by investment work?

You can apply online for a residence permit in Holland as a wealthy foreign national. The Naturalization and Immigration Services (IND) will review your application and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) will review if your investment will add value to the Dutch economy. Also, the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) will review the origin of your capital funds, to ensure they are legitimate. While filling out the application form, you must explicitly provide consent for this.

You will receive a response within 90 days. If the response is positive, you can travel to the Netherlands to collect your residence permit at an IND office. Your residence permit will be valid for three years. Please, read our article on an entrance visa (MVV) to see if you will need one. Your investment in a Dutch company of fund should be transferred to a bank account of a Dutch bank, or a European Bank with a branch in the Netherlands that is supervised by the Dutch Bank.

Your family members

You may apply for your partner and minor child(ren) to receive a Dutch residence permit as well. Your family members may work and travel visa-free through the Schengen area. Family members are not obliged to start the process of Dutch civic integration.

Receiving Citizenship in Holland:

After three years, you may reapply for a residence permit as a wealthy foreign national and will receive extension provided that your investment and the company or fund you are investing is still meet the conditions outlines above. After holding a residence permit for five year, you will receive permanent residency. Having held a Dutch permanent residence permit for 10 years, you can apply for Dutch citizenship. To receive citizenship, you should have passed the Dutch Civic Integration Examination and have lived in the Netherlands or a country in the European Union for at least four months each year.

Are you interested in the opportunity to receive a Dutch residence permit through investment, though overwhelmed by the different options and the conditions you must meet? We are here to guide you step by step, until you are ready to go. Please contact Joshua Pex:

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