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Denial of Entry to Israel

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Denial of entrance to Israel

Each year almost three million foreign visitors enter Israel, mostly through the Ben-Gurion International Airport situated between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. There are other border crossings as well. The Israeli border control officials have the authority to refuse visitors entrance to Israel according to The Law of Entrance to Israel and the Ministry of Interior’s regulations and procedures.

In cases where the Israeli border control officials suspect that the reason of entry to Israel is not in accordance with the visa requested, entry to Israel may be refused. For example, if a person states that they are coming as a tourist, but do not know where they will be staying in Israel or where they will be visiting, the border control officials may suspect the reason of entry is not tourism, but rather something else, such as work. Also, citizens of some countries must have the visa to Israel issued prior to their visit, and if they have not received the visa in advance, the decision of the border control officers may be to refuse the entrance to Israel.

Other than that, any previous illegal stay in Israel, any security threat or other danger to the Israeli public, which may be caused due to the entrance of the foreigner to Israel, will likely lead to the decision of denial of entry to Israel.

The Airport Detention Center

Please note that once the decision of refusal of entrance to Israel has been made, the foreign visitor will be held in a detention center next to the airport facilities until the actual deportation from Israel. The only person allowed to visit the detention center is an Israeli lawyer who may enter in order to meet their client for legal purposes.

Legal Assistance in Cases of Denial of Entry to Israel

Appeals Tribunal - entry to Israel petition

In case a visitor to Israel has been denied entrance to Israel, immediate legal action must be taken in order to overrule the deportation order. The Israeli Ministry of Interior officials at the border control department have the authority to refuse entrance to Israel, but their decision is subject to the review of the court system. In any case the decision of denial of entrance to Israel must be reasonable.

We have experience in this field of legal action, and we can submit a petition to the Appeals Tribunal under the Ministry of Justice where the denial of entrance can be overruled. The Ministry of Interior is represented by lawyers who present the reasons why the visitor’s entrance to Israel was refused. The petition to the Appeals Tribunal will be processed by a designated judge who will hear both sides and make the decision regarding the case.

Please contact us in case you need legal assistance regarding denial of entry to Israel.

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