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Application for a Will Probate Order in Israel

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Israeli inheritance law has specific regulations about the will probate order in Israel.  A will probate order makes a will legally valid and binding when the testator dies.  

This Series of Posts

Our team of lawyers specializes in a variety of fields, including Israeli inheritance law.  This article is one in a series focusing on various aspects of Israeli inheritance law, based on the Hebrew instructions on the Ministry of Justice website under the Registrar of Inheritance Affairs.  To read more, see our collection of articles on inheritance issues. will probate order in Israel

Background Information on a Will Probate Order in Israel

The person who applies for the probate order can be the heir specified in the will or any other person who is interested in ensuring that the will is legally valid and binding.  When the application is submitted, a notice will be published in the newspaper Reshumot, and others may have the option to submit objections to the will probate order being granted.  

Application for Will Probate Order in Israel

The following documents are needed when submitting an application for a will probate order in Israel:

  1. Two supporting documents proving payment of the mandated fee.  It is possible to pay through the internet payment services or through bank vouchers that have been paid in a postal bank, according to the prescribed rates in the regulations.
  2. An application for a will probate order, filled out as prescribed, signed by the applicant as a declarant and notarized by a lawyer, notary, judge, religious judge, or the head of the local authority.
  3. An original death certificate or a faithful copy of the original.
  4. An original will.  In the event that the original will is absent, the applicant must simultaneously submit the will probate order application alongside an application to approve submitting a copy of the will along with reasons as to why the original is not being submitted.  Additionally, the fee prescribed in the regulations must also be submitted.
  5. Notices to all heirs and confirmation that the notice was sent via registered mail or a written confirmation signed by heirs that they are aware of the application’s submission.
  6. If the applicant is represented by an attorney, an original power of attorney or a faithful copy of the original must be provided.  

The application and accompanying documents must be submitted in four complete sets: the original and three photocopies.  Applications sent by registered mail will be given precedence over an application submitted at the Ministry of Justice reception desk.

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