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About UAE Free Zones for Israelis

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Many Israelis are looking at potential business opportunities with the UAE in light of the normalization agreements, and ties between the two countries are increasing at a rapid pace. This is an opportune time for both Emiratis and Israelis to look toward business opportunities in one another’s countries. This article will provide information about UAE free zones for Israelis.

Important Information about UAE Free Zones for Israelis

About UAE Free Zones for Israelis

In order to engage in business ventures in the UAE, it is important to be aware of different licensing procedures and operational jurisdictions. There are three jurisdictions of note: mainland UAE, free zone UAE, and offshore UAE. The jurisdiction will determine the status, legal documents, regulations, and more of businesses that you wish to set up.  

There are more than 40 free zones in the UAE, allowing a specific type of business to conduct operations within that zone. While it is possible to establish a company in the mainland, many often prefer to operate in free zones in order to be eligible for tax benefits.   

Types of Free Zones

Free zones focus on certain businesses or areas. So, for example, there is the Dubai airport free zone, the Dubai auto zone, the Dubai flower centre, Dubai healthcare city, Dubai energy and environment park, or Sharjah’s USA regional trade center free zone, among many others. Consulting with a lawyer to decide the optimal location for your business and which free zone is most appropriate is recommended.  


There are four primary types of licenses that Israelis may be interested in. There is a professional license, which allows you to provide services, whether a business service or food-related service like opening a restaurant, among other endeavors. A commercial license allows you to provide goods, like selling food items, and engage in trade, etc. An industrial license allows you to engage in manufacturing or have a factory in the UAE. And finally, a tourism license allows you to provide activities related to travel and leisure (tour operator, hotel, etc.).  

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We have many articles on our website in both English and Hebrew discussing travel and business opportunities for Israelis and Emiratis. If you seek to learn more about how to obtain a UAE license, how to get a UAE investor visa, and more, see the linked articles.

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