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Dubai License for Israelis


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This article addresses what you need to know about getting a Dubai license for Israelis. Due to the UAE-Israel normalization process, there are many new opportunities, which Israelis are eager to take. Many articles, locally and internationally, have noted the quick pace of normalization, a good indicator of the enthusiasm in both countries about this agreement.  

UAE License Zones 

There are three main categories of license zones in the UAE. There are mainland, free zone, and offshore zones. Free zone UAE has over 40 different types of free zones within it, and free zones are often preferred due to the tax benefits available when operating a company in these areas. We provide more information on zones and free zones in another article.  

4 Options for a Dubai License for Israelis

There are four main types of licenses Israelis can apply for. There is a professional license, for companies providing services. There are commercial licenses, for companies providing goods. There are industrial licenses, which allow companies to engage in manufacturing. And finally, there are tourism licenses. This last category allows a company to do anything related to tourism or leisure, and for Israelis, this could be a company in the UAE marketing Israel-based tourism options for Emiratis or an Israeli company working in Dubai but seeking to serve Israelis or other local or international clientele, among others.

How to Obtain a Dubai License for Israelis

These are the steps involved in obtaining a Dubai license for Israelis:

  1. Trade name and certificate. You need to have this in order to proceed to the next steps.
  2. Obtain initial approval from the Dubai economy. 
  3. Get a memorandum of association (MOA).
  4. Set up an office in the UAE.
  5. Get a UAE sponsor in your industry.
  6. Submit relevant paperwork.
  7. If your paperwork is approved, you will obtain a license for operation.
  8. Get an establishment card.

After these eight steps, you are free to run your business in Dubai. 

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