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UAE Oil and Gas Company in Israel

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article will provide information about oil rights for any UAE oil and gas company in Israel, particularly for those seeking to set up operations in Israel. All issues regarding oil and gas rights in Israel fall under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Ministry of Energy

UAE Oil and Gas Company in Israel

What a UAE Oil and Gas Company in Israel Needs to Know About Oil Rights

There are three different types of oil rights granted under Israeli law. These are the early permit, search license, and possession rights.  

The early permit law allows a company to conduct preliminary surveys in order to ascertain the potential of finding oil in a certain area. This includes conducting surveys and exploratory drilling, among other early steps.  

The search license is granted for three years (with possible extensions), covering an area of 400,000 dunams. There is a competitive procedure in place to ensure that companies or individuals who are granted this license have the financial ability and professional background to carry out the terms of the work plan. There are different procedures in place for onshore or offshore drilling.

If the company seeks possession of a certain area for oil and gas purposes (up to 250,000 dunams), they can apply to the Commissioner of Petroleum Affairs for the rights to produce oil and gas for 30 years, with a possible 20-year extension following this period.  These possession rights are only granted when economic viability is assured.

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