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UAE Citizenship for Investors

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article addresses UAE citizenship for investors from foreign countries. An Emirati citizenship provides an enticing opportunity to live in a “desert paradise” with numerous business opportunities and no income tax, and many publications have noted the appeal of moving to the UAE

About UAE Citizenship for Investors

The United Arab Emirates has recently decided to allow business professionals, investors, and others with special and desired skills to obtain Emirati citizenship and UAE Citizenship for Investorspassports if they meet certain conditions. The purpose of this is to draw more skilled people to this country to further its development and prosperity in the region. While some countries require that one give up their citizenship when acquiring a new nationality, the United Arab Emirates allows investors to retain their original nationality while obtaining an Emirati nationality.

Conditions for Investors

In order to obtain UAE citizenship through investment, investors need to obtain patents approved by a well-known international body or by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE. Additionally, the investor must obtain a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Economy. 

Assistance with Citizenship for Investors

Our law offices specialize in immigration law, and we work with many Israelis and individuals from other countries to obtain visas and other opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. We would also be happy to help you with this issue.

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If you seek legal assistance with UAE citizenship for investors, want to ascertain if you’re a good candidate for this, and want help in speeding up the process, please contact us. Advocate Irena Rosenberg works with individuals and businesses on all their visa and immigration needs regarding the UAE.

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