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How Do You Choose a Lawyer to Help You Obtain a Lithuanian Passport?

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

The Lithuanian passport has recently become one of the most sought-after documents by the Israeli public, and for good reason. After all, if we can have a foreign passport that allows us free access to all countries of the European Union (EU), and that allows us to live in those countries, study there, and freely and legally make a living there – why not take that option, even if only to keep all possibilities open? One of the European countries that is open to Israelis of Baltic descent is Lithuania, and we will be happy to help you find a lawyer for the purpose of obtaining a Lithuanian passport.

The amazing team at our law office has many years of experience in obtaining Lithuanian passports for those who are eligible and wish to do so. On one hand, the process is well-defined and known, but, on the other hand, it is important to deeply understand how it works and to have connections and good relationships with the relevant authorities. Accordingly, we know how important it is to choose the right lawyer to help you with this process, and we would like to share a few important tips with you that may help you make the best choice.

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Lithuanian passport Lawyer

Complete Familiarity with the Process

To enjoy a truly efficient process, and to obtain a Lithuanian passport in the end, you must choose a lawyer who is proficient in the specific process of obtaining Lithuanian citizenship for Jews, not just in obtaining a European passport in general (some passports are more easily obtained than others). For example, the lawyer must know that only citizens of Lithuania from before June 15, 1940, and their descendants are eligible; which documents must be issued or obtained for the purpose of submitting an application; and which documents require notarial translation into the Lithuanian language. This professional knowledge is priceless, and may be the small difference between an efficient successful process and failure to obtain a Lithuanian passport.

Many Years of Experience in Obtaining Lithuanian Passports

Naturally, obtaining a Lithuanian passport entails a process that includes much back and forth negotiation with various institutions in Israel and abroad, while the requirements change every so often. Consequently, the process may be different for each applicant. For example, in 2016, obtaining a passport became much easier due to a decision by the Lithuanian parliament, and it is very crucial to be aware of such changes (those that make things easier for applicants, as well as those that create difficulties). Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing a lawyer or law firm with many recent successful cases of helping individuals obtain a Lithuanian passport.

Availability and Skilled Staff

When clients contact us and inquire about obtaining a Lithuanian passport, one of the most common questions is: How long does it take to obtain Lithuanian citizenship? This question has no clear answer, since the time that passes from the moment that you contact a lawyer until you finally hold a Lithuanian passport in your hand may vary depending on your personal circumstances and your eligibility status, which the applicant obviously cannot control.

Therefore, the question that you need to ask when contacting a lawyer or law firm is not how long obtaining a passport takes, but, rather, how skilled the staff is in obtaining Lithuanian passports, and how much time and energy they are willing to invest in your case. We recommend always choosing a law firm that specializes in immigration to Europe, who will know how to find the right citizenship for you and assist you through the process of obtaining your passport. In addition, it is worth asking which staff members at the law firm will be handling your case and to make their acquaintance.

Familiarity with Additional Legal Proceedings that Are Part of the Process, and Knowing How to Handle Problems that Come Up

As stated above, the conditions and steps on the way to obtaining a Lithuanian passport may change from time to time, but one thing that tends to remain unchanged is the staff at the various offices in Israel and Lithuania who handle these requests. An experienced law firm will be able to quicken the process for you due to its familiarity with all the required proceedings and its deep connections with the relevant authorities that are involved, which is another thing that you should inquire about when choosing the right lawyer for you.

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In regard to obtaining a Lithuanian passport, our law firm has all the required tools to help you obtain your passport, and we are happy to offer all our clients affordable prices. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in all stages of the process, including checking your eligibility for a Lithuanian passport, issuing the required documents, and sending them to the relevant authorities, until the moment you receive your Lithuanian passport and Lithuanian citizenship.

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