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Israeli Company Registration – Useful Information By an Israeli Lawyer

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

If you are seeking to establish a business in Israel and want to read useful information on the Israeli company registration process, this article can be helpful to you. In this article Advocate Joshua Pex, partner at our law firm, provides some information on the issue. Our law firm has several branches, one of which is located in the city of Tel Aviv, and our lawyers practice Israeli corporate law and serve local and international clients.

Israeli Registrar of Companies

The whole process of registering a company in Israel is authorized by the registrar of companies, which is under the Ministry of Justice department in Jerusalem. This is the website of the registrar of companies where you can find all the information regarding registering a company in Israel:

Registration of a New Israeli Company vs. Registration of a Foreign Legal Entity

One seeking to know about the Israeli company registration process must realize that there is a difference between registration of the foreign company in Israel and registration of a new Israeli company which is a subsidiary of a foreign company. In the first case, the foreign entity receives a permit to act in Israel, but it remains the same company. In the second case, a new Israeli legal entity is established, but the foreign-owned company is the shareholder of the Israeli company.

Registration of a Foreign Company to Carry Out Business Activity in Israel

These are the documents that a foreign company will need to submit in order to receive Israeli government approval for registration in Israel:

  1. The certificate of registration of the foreign company needs to be authenticated by an apostille or with the stamp of the Israeli Consulate from the country of origin. If the company has no certificate of registration, since the country of origin doesn’t issue these documents of registration to companies, the lawyer who is submitting the request will include an affidavit on this subject.
  2. Translation of the certificate of registration into Hebrew by a notary public.
  3. The bylaws of the company and the translation of the bylaws into Hebrew by a notary public.
  4. Verification from the country of origin that the company is active, translated into Hebrew.
  5. Power of attorney given by the foreign company to an Israeli resident authorizing this Israeli as the local representative of the company in Israel. This document needs to be a formal notice of the company with the name, address, and passport number of the Israeli who is authorized to represent the company in Israel.
  6. A full list of the company’s directors.
  7. Payment of registration fees to the government for registration of a foreign company in Israel.

Registration of a Local New Israeli Company Owned by a Foreign Company

This is a list of the documents required in order to register a company in Israel which is owned by a foreign individual or non-Israeli company:

  1. Request form to register a company in Israel listing three alternative names for the new Israeli company.
  2. Bylaws of the company: purpose of the company, how the shares are divided, limited liability or not, details of shareholders (and if they are not Israelis also include a copy of their passports), or certificate of registration of the company that is a shareholder.
  3. Declaration of the initial directors of the company.
  4. Affidavit signed by the shareholders of the new Israeli company in front of an Israeli lawyer or in front of the Israeli Consulate abroad (in case the shareholders are not in Israel). Please note that if the shareholder is a company, then the certificate of registration of the company and bylaws need to be translated into Hebrew and legally authenticated. Also, the company needs to appoint the person signing the affidavit as the authorized signatory of the company.

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