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How Israelis Can Get a UAE Employment Visa

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article will address how Israelis can get a UAE employment visa. 

If you seek to live and work in the UAE, you will need a labor card, which is generally valid for two years. If you seek to work outside of a free zone, you do not need to obtain the work permit prior to going to the UAE, although if you plan to work in a free zone, then you should obtain this prior to your arrival. (For more on free zones, please see our article on the topic.)

Steps Detailing How Israelis Can Get a UAE Employment Visa

How Israelis Can Get a UAE Employment Visa

In order to get an entry visa to the UAE, you first need to get a visa quota approval from the UAE Ministry of Labor (MOL). If you seek to work in the UAE, the presumption is that you have a UAE-based employer who is applying for this on your behalf. 

After this, the UAE employer must send the job offer contract for the employee’s signature. This document must be in Arabic, English, and the employee’s native language if this is different, so in our case, often Hebrew. This letter must then be reviewed by the UAE Ministry of Labor. This process generally takes a few days as well. 

The next step is obtaining a work permit from the UAE Ministry of Labor. While a formal work permit takes a bit longer to process, the MOL can issue an employment entry visa. This is also called a pink visa. This allows you to enter the UAE, and you have two months to begin your work while the formal work permit is in the process of being approved. 

During this time, you need to apply for an Emirates ID and undergo medical screening. Additionally, the job contract must be submitted after medical results are issued. 

After this point, the work permit will be issued, and you will also be permitted to apply for medical insurance, a requirement in the UAE. Finally, you’ll need to obtain a residence visa for you and your family, which is required to open a bank account, register a car in your name, and more. Only after obtaining a residence visa, you can obtain an Emirates ID card. 

The entire process detailed above takes one to one and a half months to complete. 

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