Jonathan Gabrielov

Jonathan Gabrielov

Jonathan Gabrielov works at the law firm of Decker, Pex, Levi as an article writer, translator and legal assistant. Jonathan specializes in helping obtain Portuguese passports for descendants of Sephardi Jews, Austrian passports for descendants of Holocaust survivors, and various Eastern European citizenships for those eligibile based on descent from a citizen.

Along with handling clients in the field of immigration, Jonathan translates legal documents in Hebrew and English, and helps with translation for our Portuguese-speaking clients.

Jonathan holds a tour guide certificate from the Hebrew University and is a lector on science and history to Jerusalem high school students.

In addition, Jonathan is in charge of the historical research section of the office. Among other things, he writes historical articles on Sefardi expellee communities around the world. His works include comprehensive studies on all Spanish Jew communities in the Mediterranean countries, the former Ottoman Empire, Europe, Asia and the American continent. He is also responsible for writing content related to the Jewish communities of Europe, for example – Austria, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and more.

Jonathan speaks Hebrew, English and Portuguese, and is always happy to assist clients in Israel and abroad with regards to their immigration needs.