Attorney Ariel Galili

Attorney Ariel Galili

Attorney Ariel Galili

Ariel holds an LL.B and a bachelor’s degree in Hebrew literature, with an emphasis on creative writing, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

During his studies, Ariel served as a leadership development coordinator at the Israel Scholarship Education Foundation, ISEF, wherein he instructed a heterogeneous group of students on issues at the core of Israeli society.

During his law studies, Ariel was selected, the only one out of eight students, for the prestigious “Social Capital Market” clinic, led by Prof. Hamdani, in which the students discussed the ability to combine corporate profit and social action while accompanying business people in the field.

Ariel specialized in different aspects of civil law and administrative law at the law firm of Lipa Meir & Co., as a personal intern of the deputy director of the firm’s litigation department.

Ariel has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2018.

After leaving the world of large law firms in Tel Aviv, attorney Galili delved into the field of human rights law and the various laws applicable in the West Bank.

In 2021 Ariel joined our firm out of a desire to focus on the field of immigration law.