Oded Germanov

Advocate Oded Germanov is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2012. Oded has graduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an LL.B from the Ono Academic College.

Attorney Germanov specializes in the registration, management, and representation of companies in Israel and abroad. In the past, Oded has represented a number of large international companies in Israel, including the Swiss “Nahrin”, renowned in the medical cosmetics industry, the Canadian “Lifestyle”, which deals with nutritional supplements, where he served as a director, the Israeli high-tech company “Hacker” as it entered the US and European market, and the Bulgarian “Alice M” in preparation of regulation and adjustment upon entry into the common European market.

Oded completed his internship at a law firm in Tel Aviv, focusing on real estate law, representing tenants and entrepreneurs in the 38th National Outline Plan and the Tel Aviv Municipality’s Conservation Plan.

Attorney Germanov provides intra and inter-organizational legal advice to nonprofit organizations and corporations regarding corporate law, labor law, internal and external corporate contracts, regulation and more. His experience as a lawyer as well as a senior manager at foreign and Israeli companies provides Oded with a unique perspective that combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Oded is sought-after lecturer (often on a voluntary basis) on setting up and running small proprietary companies and home-based businesses (among others, in Neve Tirza, to prepare female prisoners for self-employment post-release).