What Is Succession in Israel Inheritance Law

This article addresses what is succession in Israel according to Israeli inheritance law.

what is succession in Israel

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Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices specialize in a variety of fields, including inheritance law.  This article is one in a series addressing different aspects of Israel inheritance law, based on the Hebrew instructions on the Ministry of Justice website under the Registrar of Inheritance Affairs.  To read more, see our collection of articles on inheritance issues.

What Is Succession in Israel and Who Are Heirs?

Succession law in Israel addresses heirs or beneficiaries when a will has or has not been issued.  

Heirs can be individuals, bodies, or any other legal entity specified in a will.

What Is Succession in Israel When There Is a Will

When the person who passes away leaves a will, then this person’s property clearly passes to the heir(s) specified in the will.  In Israeli inheritance law, this is considered “lawful inheritance according to a will.”  The heir is also referred to as the “lawful heir.”  

What Is Succession in Israel When There Are No Heirs

In the event that there are no heirs, the estate that the will addresses passes to the Administrator General or the state of Israel.  In the event that the testator did not have lawful relatives, but someone wishes to dispute any issue, an application can be submitted to the registrar at the Ministry of Justice or through rabbinical courts.  For more on the particular applications and fees, see our articles on the following topics: where to get applications, government fees, and payment vouchers for fees.

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